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APRIL 25, 2018

The Nueces County Commissioners Court will meet on the above date at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Courtroom, 3rd floor, Nueces County Courthouse, 901 Leopard, Corpus Christi, Texas.

                   SAMUEL L. NEAL, JR.       COUNTY JUDGE
                   JOE A. GONZALEZ       COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 2
                   JOHN MAREZ       COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 3





CONSENT AGENDA: At most meetings, the Commissioners Court establishes a Consent Agenda. It consists of those Agenda Items which are routine or non-controversial, and which neither a member of the Commissioners Court nor the public has asked to be pulled for discussion. Once the Commissioners Court has established the Consent Agenda, Agenda Items included on it will be voted upon in one vote, and will not be discussed separately unless requested by the County Judge, Commissioner, or a citizen.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Commissioners Court may go into Executive Session to discuss those matters listed anywhere on the Agenda or as otherwise permitted by law.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Members of the public will have the opportunity to address the Commissioners Court during this section on any Agenda Item or any subject within its jurisdiction except a matter related to pending litigation. Each speaker should sign in on the Public Comment Sheet available at the rear of the Courtroom at least five (5) minutes before commencement of the Commissioners Court meeting. Speakers should limit their comments to two (2) minutes. The County Judge may, if he deems it necessary, limit both the number of speakers and the time allotted to each speaker. Under the law, the Commissioners Court may only take action on items specifically listed on the Agenda. Subject matter presented which is not part of the Agenda will be referred to the appropriate department for review and subsequent action. Materials submitted during public hearings will not be returned unless prior arrangements have been made through the County Clerk, with the approval of the County Judge. At least ten (10) copies of any document to be used by any speaker should be available for distribution. The speaker’s name and, if applicable, Agenda Item number should be clearly marked on such documents. Public Comment for items not on the Agenda will normally be held at the end of the meeting.

ADJOURNMENTS IN MEMORY: The Commissioners Court may adjourn the meeting in memory of deceased community leaders, County employees, and other distinguished persons. Requests for Adjournment in Memory may be made through any County Commissioner or the County Judge.

AUXILIARY AIDS OR SERVICES: Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting of the Commissioners Court, and who may need special assistance, services or auxiliary aids, should contact the Office of the Nueces County Judge (361-888-0444) at least forty-eight (48) hours ahead of the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

County Judge calls for the Invocation.
Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America and Texas Flags.
County Judge will call roll, note date, time, and location of meeting, and certify a quorum is present.


PUBLIC HEARING - The Commissioners Court will conduct a public hearing to consider modifications to the existing Dune Protection Line, pursuant to the Nueces County Beach Management Plan.


E. Approve the following Minutes:
1.   April 4, 2018 and April 11, 2018
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April 4, 2018
April 11, 2018
Adopt the following Resolution(s), Proclamation(s), and/or Order(s):
1.   Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, May 6-12, 2018. Click to View
Resolution - Childrens Mental Health Week 2018
1.   Receive presentation from the County Auditor on the March 2018 Monthly Financial and Expenditure Report and discuss mid-year financial position, including a briefing from the Chief Appraiser from the Nueces County Appraisal District on the status of property appraisals within Nueces County, and related matters. Click to View
MFR MAR 2018
2. PUBLIC COMMENT: This section provides the public the opportunity to address the Commissioners Court on any issues within its jurisdiction. The Commissioners Court may not take formal action on any requests made during the Public Comment period which are not on the Agenda, but can refer such requests to County staff for review if appropriate.
3. CONSENT AGENDA: The following Agenda Items are of a routine nature, and the Commissioners Court has received supporting materials for consideration. All of these Agenda Items will be passed with one vote without being discussed separately, unless a member of the Commissioners Court or the public requests that a particular Agenda Item be discussed. If so, that Agenda Item will be pulled from the Consent Agenda and discussed as part of the regular Agenda at the appropriate time. One vote will approve the remaining items on the Consent Agenda.
A.   Authorize payment of bills - manual check registers dated April 3, 2018 through April 16, 2018. Click to View
CK Register 04-03-2018 to 04-16-2018
B.   Authorize payment of bills - regular bill summaries dated April 6, 2018, April 13, 2018 and April 20, 2018.  Click to View
Ck reg 040618
CK Reg 041318
Ck Reg 042018
C.   Authorize payment of bills - special motions list dated April 25, 2018. Click to View
Special Motions List
Special Motions Backup
D.   Authorize payment of bills - group health insurance claims and fees dated:
1. Health Smart - April 5 and 12, 2018  
2. Health Smart - March 1, 2018 through March 31, 2018  
3. Boon Chapman - April 3 and 10, 2018
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Group Health Health Smart - Apr Wkly
\Group Health Health Smart - Mar mnthly
Group Health Boon Chapman - Apr Wkly
E.   Approve personnel actions of a budgeted nature:
1. Application Temporary list No. 433
2. Unfreeze List No. 777
3. Personnel changes reports dated April 6, 2018, and April 13, 2018.
Click to View
Temp #433
Unfreeze #777
Personnel Changes 04-06-18
Personnel Changes 041318
F.   Adopt a proclamation recognizing May as Fair Housing Month. Click to View
Fair Housing Proclamation
G.   Accept FY 2016/2017 Diabetes report and approve FY 2017/2018 Diabetes contract for $9,500 with the American Diabetes Association, allocated from Commissioner Pct. 4 funds. Click to View
American Diabetes Association - FY16-17 Diabetes Report
Camp Sand Castle Report
Sand Castle - Diabetes News Letter
American Diabetes Association - FY17/18 Diabetes Contract
HB89 Verification Form - American Diabetes Association
H.   Accept the following FY 2016-2017 Agency Reports:
1. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Bend
2. United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce South Texas Military Facilities Task Force 
Click to View
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Bend - FY16/17 Report
United CC Chamber of Commerce - STMFTF FY17/18 Quarterly Report
I.   Approve the following "Outside Agency" contracts for FY 2017-2018:
1. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Bend - Total $2,500
    County Judge - $500; Commissioner Pct. 2 - $1,000; Commissioner Pct. 3 - $1,000
    ($2,000 to Corpus Christi; $500 to Robstown)
2. Timon's Ministries - Commissioner Pct. 4 - $1,000     
Click to View
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Bend - FY17/18 Contract
Timon's Ministries - FY17/18 Contract
HB 89 Verification Form
J.   Approve the following Tax Deeds and highest minimum bids to date:
1. Lot 40, Block ‘H’, Don Patricio Subdivision, in the amount of $4,100.00
2. Lots 6, 7 and 8, Block 18, Bishop Original Townsite, in the amount of $7,500.00
3. Lot 19, Block 74, West End Addition to Bishop, in the amount of $1,000.00
4. Lot 24, Block 74, West End Addition to Bishop, in the amount of $1,000.00
5. The East 35 feet of Lot 20 and the West 35 feet of Lot 21, Block 7, True Addition to
    Bishop, in the amount of $7,500.00
6. 0.732 acre, more or less, out of Block 18, Central Wharf &
    Warehouse Co. Subdivision, and part of Lot 1, Blucher Subdivision ‘A’,
    in the amount of $65,000.00
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Tax Resale Properties
K.   Authorize agreements for use of Nueces County property as a staging site during emergencies with the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi (NASCC) Emergency Services.
Click to View
Staging Agreement NASCC
L.   Receive a Statement of Grant Award from the Texas Indigent Defense Commission for the FY2018 Formula Grant Program. Click to View
FY18 Grant Award
M.   Ratify the execution of a Public Assistance Closeout Certification Form in relation to DR-1791 Hurricane Ike damages. Click to View
Closeout Form
N.   Approve a finding for the method of procurement (request for competitive bids) for Nueces County Airport Apron Expansion; and authorize the Purchasing Agent to publish a notice. Click to View
O.   Authorize a TASB BuyBoard State Contract No. 537-17 purchase with Ricoh to lease two copiers and maintenance service by approving Master Service Agreement Addendum 63 and Product Schedule 63. Click to View
Ricoh Addendum 63
P.   Approve execution of an agreement with Axis Forensic Toxicology for forensic toxicology laboratory services. Click to View
Axis Agreement
Q.   Approve a finding for the method of procurement (request for qualifications) for engineering services to do a safety inspection on the Horace Caldwell Pier; authorize the Purchasing Agent to publish a notice; and adopt an order delegating evaluation authority to a selection committee. Click to View
Order for Engineering Services
R.   Approve execution of Supplemental Agreement No. 4 with LNV, Inc. for Engineering Services for RFQ 2977-14 Surface Water Lines and Connections in Cindy Park. Click to View
RFQ 2977-14 Supplemental Agreement 4
S.   Approve execution of Supplemental Agreement No. 2 with LNV, Inc. for RFQ No. 2988-15 Ground Water Distribution System in Cindy Park Colonia. Click to View
RFQ 2988--15 Supplemental Agreement 2
1.   Discuss and consider a presentation from the County Engineer regarding county roads, including CR 77, due for upgrades during the 2018 budget year and set county road repair priorities; and related matters. Click to View
2.   Discuss and consider execution of lease agreement with the Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation, Inc., for continuing their lease of the old Showbarn Armory Building in Robstown, Texas. Click to View
Boll Weevil Lease
HB 89 verification
3.   Discuss and consider selection of LJA Engineering for engineering services for County Road 35 paving improvements from Saratoga Boulevard to County Road 26A. Click to View
4.   Discuss and consider adopting an Order prohibiting outdoor burning in the unincorporated areas of Nueces County, pursuant to Section 352.081 of the Texas Local Government Code. Click to View
Outdoor Burn Prohibition
1.   Discuss and consider the creating and unfreezing of a Public Health Technician-II (Grade 201) position in the STD-HIV grant. Click to View
Public Health Tech II - Job Description
STD-HIV - Budget Summary
1.   Adopt a resolution authorizing the submission of an application to the Office of the Governor, Homeland Security Grants Division for the Operation Trail Boss project. Click to View
Grant Budget
2.   Discuss and consider the execution of an interlocal agreement between Texas A&M University and Nueces County in relation to the FY2018 Indigent Defense Technical Support Grant/Pre-Trial Assessment Initiative. Click to View
Interlocal TAMU Risk Assessment
1.   Discuss and consider (1) the selection of Brannon Corporation to provide contract administration and project inspection for expanding the apron at the Nueces County Airport, and (2) approve an Engineering Services Contract for the above services. Click to View
Engineering Services Contract
HB89 Form - Brannon Corp
2.   Discuss and consider accepting the Final Certificate of Completion for Hazel Bazemore Park Ravine B, Brush Removal, issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Click to View
Transmittal Letter from TCEQ
Final Certificate of Completion w/Attachments
3.   Discuss and consider the approval of an amendment to the Road Improvements and Maintenance Agreement with Patriot Wind Farm, LLC, dated May 8, 2017. Click to View
Amendment To Road Improvements And Maintenance Agreement
Form 1295--Certificate of Interested Parties
Nueces County House Bill 89 Verification
Road Improvements and Maintenance Agreement
4.   Discuss and consider release of Cayentano Development, LLC pursuant to Subdivision Construction Agreement regarding Granado Estates Subdivision, including release of any Letter of Credit and related matters. Click to View
Paid Invoice for Septic Systems
Subdivision Construction Agreement
Release of Subdivision Improvements Security Interest
5.   Discuss and consider a Resolution and Order to amend the existing Nueces County Beach Management Plan, by adopting a new Dune Protection Line. Click to View
Memeorandum from Beach Management Advisory Committee
Letter from Texas General Land Office
Caller Times Advertising Receipt
Resolution and Order
1.   Discuss and award RFP No. 3072-18 Property and Casualty Insurance. Click to View
RFP 3072-18 proposal tab
2.   Discuss and award IFB No. 3071-18 County Road 40 Paving Improvements from FM 1694 to Robstown City Limits. Click to View
IFB 3071-18 bid tab
1.   Presentation of the Management Letter and the 2016-2017 CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)  to the court,  by Dale Atchley, Nueces County Auditor.  Click to View
Management Letter 2017
CAFR 16-17
2.   Presentation of the Annual Financial Report to Commissioners Court for the Fiscal Year ended September 30, 2017. Click to View
FYE 9/30/2017 Presentation
3.   Approve Budget Change Order No. 13 for Fiscal Year 2017-2018. Click to View
BCO#13 List
BCO #13 backup
4.   Approve Capital Projects Budget Change Order No. 66.
Click to View
PBCO #66 List
PBCO # 66 Backup
5. EXECUTIVE SESSION: PUBLIC NOTICE  is given that the Commissioners Court may elect to go into an Executive Session anytime during the meeting to discuss matters listed on the Agenda, when authorized by the provisions of the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code. In the event the Commissioners Court elects to go into Executive Session regarding an agenda item, the section or sections of the Open Meetings Act authorizing the Executive Session will be publicly announced by the presiding officer. In accordance with the authority of the Government Code, Vernon’s Texas Codes, Sections 551.071, 551.072, 551.073, 551.074, 551.0745, 551.076, 551.086, 551.087, the Commissioners Court will hold an Executive Session to consult with attorney(s) including matters related to litigation; deliberate regarding real property, prospective gift(s), personnel matters, including termination, county advisory bodies, security devices, and/or economic development negotiations and other matters that may be discussed in an Executive Session. Upon completion of the Executive Session, the Commissioners Court may in an open session take such action as appropriate on items discussed in an Executive Session.
A.   Consult with the County Attorney regarding the status of Master File No. D-1-GN-16-000370; In Re Volkswagen Clean Diesel Litigation: TCAA Enforcement Case; 353rd District Court of Travis County, Texas, and related matters. Click to View
B.   Discuss and consider authorizing mediation on a County Claim against Naismith Engineering, Inc., and Hanson Professional Services, Inc. and related matters. Click to View
A.   Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County Board
Click to View
Behavioral Health Center Board

Adjournment in Memory (upon request)


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