*followed by a meeting of the Nueces County Housing Finance Corporation


September 19, 2012

The Nueces County Commissioners Court will meet on the above date at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Courtroom, 3rd floor, Nueces County Courthouse, 901 Leopard, Corpus Christi, Texas.

                   SAMUEL L. NEAL, JR.       COUNTY JUDGE
                   MIKE PUSLEY       COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 1
                   JOE A. GONZALEZ       COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 2
                   OSCAR O. ORTIZ       COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 3
                   JOE MCCOMB       COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 4





CONSENT AGENDA: At most meetings, the Commissioners Court establishes a Consent Agenda. It consists of those Agenda Items which are routine or non-controversial, and which neither a member of the Commissioners Court nor the public has asked to be pulled for discussion. Once the Commissioners Court has established the Consent Agenda, Agenda Items included on it will be voted upon in one vote, and will not be discussed separately unless requested by the County Judge, Commissioner, or a citizen.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Commissioners Court may go into Executive Session to discuss those matters listed anywhere on the Agenda or as otherwise permitted by law.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Members of the public will have the opportunity to address the Commissioners Court during this section on any Agenda Item or any subject within its jurisdiction except a matter related to pending litigation. Each speaker should sign in on the Public Comment Sheet available at the rear of the Courtroom at least five (5) minutes before commencement of the Commissioners Court meeting. Speakers should limit their comments to two (2) minutes. The County Judge may, if he deems it necessary, limit both the number of speakers and the time allotted to each speaker. Under the law, the Commissioners Court may only take action on items specifically listed on the Agenda. Subject matter presented which is not part of the Agenda will be referred to the appropriate department for review and subsequent action. Materials submitted during public hearings will not be returned unless prior arrangements have been made through the County Clerk, with the approval of the County Judge. At least ten (10) copies of any document to be used by any speaker should be available for distribution. The speaker’s name and, if applicable, Agenda Item number should be clearly marked on such documents. Public Comment for items not on the Agenda will normally be held at the end of the meeting.

ADJOURNMENTS IN MEMORY: The Commissioners Court may adjourn the meeting in memory of deceased community leaders, County employees, and other distinguished persons. Requests for Adjournment in Memory may be made through any County Commissioner or the County Judge.

AUXILIARY AIDS OR SERVICES: Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting of the Commissioners Court, and who may need special assistance, services or auxiliary aids, should contact the Office of the Nueces County Judge (361-888-0444) at least forty-eight (48) hours ahead of the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

County Judge calls for the Invocation.
Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America and Texas Flags.
County Judge will call roll, note date, time, and location of meeting, and certify a quorum is present.
Adopt the following Resolution(s) and/or Order(s):
1.   United Way 2012 Campaign Kickoff. Click to View
United Way Kickoff
2.   MHMR - National Recovery Month - September 2012. Click to View
MHMR - National Recovery Month - 2012
3.   National Disability Employment Awareness Month - October 2012. Click to View
National Disability Employment Awareness Month - October 2012
4.   National 4-H Week - October 7-13, 2012. Click to View
4-H Week - Resolution
E. Approve the following Minutes:
1.   August 22, 2012. Click to View
August 22, 2012 minutes
2.   August 23, 2012. Click to View
August 23, 2012 minutes
3.   September 5, 2012. Click to View
September 5, 2012 minutes
1.   Discuss legislative priorities and opportunities for the upcoming 83rd Legislative Session for the State of Texas. Click to View
Legislative Agenda 2012 - 83rd Session
2. PUBLIC COMMENT: This section provides the public the opportunity to address the Commissioners Court on any issues within its jurisdiction. The Commissioners Court may not take formal action on any requests made during the Public Comment period which are not on the Agenda, but can refer such requests to County staff for review if appropriate.
3. CONSENT AGENDA: The following Agenda Items are of a routine nature, and the Commissioners Court has received supporting materials for consideration. All of these Agenda Items will be passed with one vote without being discussed separately, unless a member of the Commissioners Court or the public requests that a particular Agenda Item be discussed. If so, that Agenda Item will be pulled from the Consent Agenda and discussed as part of the regular Agenda at the appropriate time. One vote will approve the remaining items on the Consent Agenda.
A.   Authorize payment of bills - manual check registers dated September 11, 2012. Click to View
Manual ckreg
B.   Authorize payment of bills - regular bill summaries dated August 29, 2012; August 31, 2012; September 5, 2012; September 7, 2012; and September 14, 2012. Click to View
ckreg 8/29/12
ckreg 8/31/12
ckreg 9/5/12
ckreg 9/7/12
ckreg 9/14/12
C.   Authorize payment of bills - group health insurance claims and fees: TPA Check Register August 20, 2012 to August 31, 2012. Click to View
Boon Chapman
D.   Authorize payment of bills - special motions list dated September 19, 2012. Click to View
Special Motions List
Special Motions Backup
E.   Authorize payment of Pcard purchases for the month of July, 2012. Click to View
Pcard - July
F.   Accept the following Reports for FY2011/2012:
Family Protection Fee -Report
1. Family Counseling Service
Diabetes Report
1. Wesley Community Center
Click to View
Family Counseling Service - FY11-12 FamilyProtectionFee Report
Wesley Community Center - FY11-12 Diabetes Report
G.   Approve the following "Outside Agency" Contract:  
1. Corpus Christi Metro Ministries
Click to View
CC Metro Ministries Contract
CCMM Request for Funding
H.   Approve the following Amended Contract for FY2011/2012:
1.  Palmer Drug Abuse
Click to View
Palmer Drug Abuse - FY11-12 Amended Contract
I.   Adopt a "No Change" Order for Nueces County's participation in the Texas County and District Retirement System for Plan Year 2013. Click to View
TCDRS PlanYear 2013 Rate Information
TCDRS FY2013 - NoChangeForm
J.   Order designating Wednesday as the day of the week the Court will meet in regular term for fiscal year 2012-2013, pursuant to Section 81.005 of the Texas Local Government Code. Click to View
Designate Wednesday for Date Court to Meet
K.   Approve Second Amendment to Fiscal, Personnel, & Property Management Agreement with the Corpus Christi Transportation Policy Committee related to a CPI adjustment to the annual management fee. Click to View
2nd Amendment to MPO
L.   Approve Budget Worksheets with Certifications, Unit Rate Calculations, and In-Kind Certifications for Home-Delivered Meals, Congregate Meals, and Transportation as it relates to Title III and Title XX funding and extending agreement with Coastal Bend Council of Government for Older Americans Act Program. Click to View
Information Worksheet - Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels Spreadsheet 2012
M.   Approve extension of contract with the Educational Service Center Region 2 (ESC-2) for Internet services for FY2012-13. Click to View
ESC2 Extension FY12-13
ESC-2 Agreement
Internet Access Agreement
N.   Approve annual maintenance agreement with Intergraph for the Jail Management System in the amount of $104,866.26 for FY2012-13; and authorize prepayment of $7,759.20 from the Information Technology budget for FY2011-12 for the Oracle portion of the agreement. Click to View
Intergraph Maintenance Terms
Intergraph Sole Source Letter
Intergraph-Oracle Maint
Intergraph-I/LEADS Maint
O.   Authorize/Execute a contract for RFP No. 2914-12 Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Services for County Residents with Absolute Waste Services, Inc. Click to View
RFP 2914-12 contract
Technical Specifications Addendum
P.   Approve amendment to the Nueces County Purchasing Policy and Procedures Manual to provide for invoices to be sent to the user departments first and then forwarded to the Auditor's Office. Click to View
Purchasing Manual pages
Revised purchasing manual
Q.   Approve the following personal services agreement:
1. Tomas Duran, employee benefits coordinator.
Click to View
Tomas Duran FY12-13 Contract
R.   Discuss and consider appointment of Commissioner Joe A. Gonzalez as the 2nd Vice President and Commissioner Joe McComb as Treasurer to the Nueces County Housing Finance Corporation. Click to View
Nueces County Housing Finance Corp.
1.   Discuss and consider approval of the 83rd Legislative Session Agenda for Nueces County. Click to View
Legislative Agenda 2012 - 83rd Session
2.   Discuss and consider adopting a resolution authorizing the execution of an Agreement with M&G Resins USA, LLC, providing for a temporary property tax abatement. Click to View
Abatement Resolution
Abatement Agreement
Abatement Application
3.   Discuss and consider approving a Letter Agreement with the Nueces County Hospital District relating to Commissioners Court nomination of individuals to the District for appointment to the Christus Spohn Health System Corporation Board of Directors. Click to View
Letter of agreement
4.   Discuss and consider authorizing the Nueces County Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences, to offer the "Maintain No Gain Program" to Nueces County Employees during the 2012 Holiday Season. Click to View
5.   Discuss and consider adoption of an amended Courthouse Parking Order in accordance with the Vehicle Parking Plan for Nueces County Employees and Customers of the Nueces County Courthouse approved by Commissioners Court on August 22, 2012. Click to View
Amended Courthouse Parking Order
Exhibit A - Cover
Parking Map Exhibit
6.   Discuss and consider approving an election equipment lease fee in the amount of $200.00 per machine for the leasing of electronic voting equipment to governing bodies for use in their elections. Click to View
7.   Discuss and consider execution of a contract for RFP No. 2912-12 Cafeteria Administration, including Premium Only Plan (POP) & Enrollment/Billing Services. Click to View
RFP 2912-12 contract
8.   Discuss and consider adopting an Order prohibiting outdoor burning in the unincorporated areas of Nueces County, pursuant to Section 352.081 of the Texas Local Government Code. Click to View
Burn Ban - September 19, 2012
10.   Discuss and consider adopting a resolution approving the Coastal Bend Mitigation Action Plan.  Click to View
CBMAP Resolution
CBMAP Front End Only
Appendix - CBMAP
11.   Discuss and consider approving an amendment to the customer agreement between the District Clerk's Office of Nueces County and Texas NICUSA, LLC for eFiling services. Click to View
NICUSA -eFiling amendment
1.   Discuss and consider execution of a resolution accepting Grant Adjustment Notice No. 2 from the Texas Ranger Division – Texas Department of Public Safety for the FY2010/2011 Local Border Security Program. Click to View
Grant Adjustment Notice
Resolution Accpeting Grant
2.   Discuss and consider acceptance of a grant award from the Governor's Criminal Justice Division for the Juvenile Justice Alternatives Program. Click to View
Award Acceptance Letter
3.   Discuss and consider acceptance of a grant award from the Governor's Criminal Justice Division for the Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Program, also known as the Probation Rules Enforcement Program. Click to View
Grant Award Packet Probation Rules
4.   Discuss and consider submission of a grant application to the Texas General Land Office for the Coastal Management Program (CMP) - Cycle 18. Click to View
CMP Grant Cycle 18 Pre-Proposal
1.   Discuss/Award IFB No. 2902-12 School Land Lease of 3,580.54 acres. Click to View
IFB 2902-12 bid tab
2.   Rescind the award for IFB No. 2913-12 Uniform Rentals, Floor Mats, Shop Towels, Linens, and Scrubs; Discuss and consider awarding to the next lowest bidder. Click to View
IFB 2913-12 bid tab
IFB 2913-12 bid summary
Ins Required
Re: Workers Comp Admiral Linen Service
LGC 262.027
1.   Approve Budget Change Order No. 23 for Fiscal Year 2011-2012. Click to View
BCO #23 List
BCO #23 Backup
2.   Approve personnel actions of a budgeted nature:
  a.  Frozen List No. 026
  b.  Unfreeze List No. 647
  c.  Personnel Changes reports dated August 31, 2012 and September 7, 2012.
Click to View
Frozen #026 List
Unfreeze 647 list
Personnel Changes 8/31/12 list
Personnel Changes 9/7/12
3.   Discuss and consider appointment of Ernest R. Garza & Company, P.C. as the county's outside auditor for the fiscal year ended 9/30/12. Click to View
Engagement Letter
4.   Discuss and consider increasing supplemental pay for the Chief Deputy, Treasury Accountant, and Supervisor Accounting Assistant positions; authorizing adding supplemental pay for Elections and Archival Manager position with all supplemental pay being funded by the County Clerk Records Management Fund. Click to View
5. EXECUTIVE SESSION: PUBLIC NOTICE  is given that the Commissioners Court may elect to go into an Executive Session anytime during the meeting to discuss matters listed on the Agenda, when authorized by the provisions of the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code. In the event the Commissioners Court elects to go into Executive Session regarding an agenda item, the section or sections of the Open Meetings Act authorizing the Executive Session will be publicly announced by the presiding officer. In accordance with the authority of the Government Code, Vernon’s Texas Codes, Sections 551.071, 551.072, 551.073, 551.074, 551.0745, 551.076, 551.086, 551.087, the Commissioners Court will hold an Executive Session to consult with attorney(s) including matters related to litigation; deliberate regarding real property, prospective gift(s), personnel matters, including termination, county advisory bodies, security devices, and/or economic development negotiations and other matters that may be discussed in an Executive Session. Upon completion of the Executive Session, the Commissioners Court may in an open session take such action as appropriate on items discussed in an Executive Session.
A.   Consult with County Attorney on the status of Cause No. 2010-CCV-62074-4, Cynthia Slaughter and Benny Pena v. Nueces County, in the County Court-at-Law No. 4 of Nueces County, Texas; and related matters.  Click to View
A.   Nueces County Airport Advisory Board. Click to View
NC Airport Advisory Board
Hugo Berlanga - Airport Advisory Bd.
Donald J. Fisher - Airport Adv. Bd.
Cecil Johnson - Airport Advisory Bd.
B.   Nominate current NCHD Directors of Spohn's Board of Directors to continue to serve as Directors under the new Membership Agreement, specifically:
   Place 1, Frank Brogan for a term to expire in December 2014.
   Place 2, Richard Bowers for a term to expire in December 2013.
   Place 3, Tony LaMantia for a term to expire in December 2012.
Click to View

Adjournment in Memory (upon request)

At the close of the regular Commissioners Court Meeting, a meeting will be convened by the Nueces County Housing Finance Corporation to consider the following:

Discuss and consider participation in a settlement agreement related to an out-of-court settlement agreement between Wachovia Bank, N.A., and 26 State Attorneys General.


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