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  Item # B.       
Meeting Date: 09/16/2020  
Requested by: Bayer Vella
Submitted By: Hannah Oden, Community and Economic Development
Case Number: OV1802398

Request for approval of a Final Plat for the Capella Planned Area Development, for 199 acres located west of La Cholla Boulevard between Lambert Lane and Naranja Drive, and 8.2-acres located on the northwest corner of La Cholla Boulevard and Naranja Drive
The Capella Planned Area Development (PAD) and site design was approved by Town Council in 2018. Prior to a zoning ordinance for a PAD district becoming effective, the applicant is required to submit a Final Plat to designate primary open space commitments. As such, staff recommends approval of this primarily administrative function, as its purpose is to designate open space blocks and parcels for future development that were designated as part of the creation of the PAD. The Final Plat complies with the design previously approved by Town Council. 
The purpose of this request is to consider a Final Plat (Attachment 1) for the Capella PAD. The PAD is approximately 207 acres in size. Approximately 199-acres are located west of La Cholla Boulevard between Lambert Lane and Naranja Drive and 8.2-acres are located on the northwest corner of La Cholla Boulevard and Naranja Drive, as shown on the map to the right. The land use plan (Attachment 2) and Environmentally Sensitive Open Space plan (Attachment 3), which are the plans the Final Plat is based on, were approved as part of the PAD.

The proposed Final Plat consists of the following:
  • 18 development blocks, including roads and access 
  • 21 open space blocks, including natural and recreational open 
  • Includes residential, commercial, recreational, and open space areas 
  • Two future connections are proposed from La Cholla Dr. per the previously approved site design
As part of the Capella PAD Final Plat, public Trail No. 33, also known as the Poppy Trail, is being dedicated to the Town as a permanent, non-motorized public trail easement. This trail runs through the entire PAD and it's dedication conforms to the approved PAD. It will be constructed concurrently with the first development of the PAD, which is Parcel M. 

The Capella PAD Final Plat has been reviewed and meets Town requirements, and conforms to the approved site design.
The Final Plat requires Town Council approval prior to being officially recorded with Pima County. Moreover, this final plat must be approved prior to the approval of the final plat for Parcel M within the Capella PAD, which is listed as a subsequent item scheduled on the same agenda. 

In 2018, the Town Council approved the Capella PAD and associated rezoning. This included numerous parcels designated for development (both residential and commercial), recreation, and open space. The PAD Final Plat provides approximately 60 acres of natural and recreational open space, and additional natural open space will be provided as each parcel develops as required by the PAD. The final plat designates these open space areas, which will ultimately be dedicated to a master Capella HOA or the existing Estates at Capella HOA (Parcel M). 

A public trail easement for Trail No. 33, which is identified on the Town's adopted trails plan and included in the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan, is being dedicated to the Town as part of this plat. This easement runs through the entire site and provides an important connection to the larger Oro Valley trail system. 

Proposed Improvements:
  • 25' public trail easement for Trail No. 33 to be dedicated to the Town 
  • Approximately 60-acres designated as open space
  • Approximately 150-acres designated for future development and access
Previous Approvals:
  • 2002: The property was annexed into the Town of Oro Valley
  • 2015: A Major General Plan Amendment was approved by Town Council which established the Master Planned Community designation and Special Area Policies for the future Capella PAD property
  • 2018: The Capella PAD and associated rezoning was approved by Town Council
The Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Department will be responsible for the maintenance of the public trail easement for Trail No. 33, the Poppy Trail. The annual maintenance cost is approximately $2,500. 
I MOVE to APPROVE the Final Plat for the Capella Planned Area Development, based on the finding that it meets Town requirements.


I MOVE to DENY the Final Plat for the Capella Planned Area Development, based on the finding that ___________________.
Attachment 1: Final Plat
Attachment 2: Approved Capella Land Use Plan
Attachment 3: Approved Capella ESOS Plan
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