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  Item # 5.       
Meeting Date: 03/07/2012  
Requested by: Ainsley Legner
Submitted By: Ainsley Legner, Parks Recreations Library CR
Department: Parks Recreations Library CR  


Staff recommends approval.

The Steam Pump Ranch Master Plan, adopted in 2008, identifies the need for restroom facilities in order for the site to be opened to the general public. A restroom feasibility study, completed in December 2011, identified two viable options (see attachment 1). The preferred option, a pre-fabricated restroom building kit, could be developed on the site using available Recreation In-Lieu Fees. These fees are specifically collected and designated for trail and recreation improvements. The recommended placement of the new restroom is adjacent to the existing CDO Linear Path and would serve path users as well as visitors to Steam Pump Ranch. When the Ranch is eventually opened to the public on a regular basis, the Ranch parking area will also serve as a trail head for the CDO Linear Path.

The restroom feasibility study provided an estimated total installation cost of $166,348, which included a standard contractor erected pre-fab kit and all site utilities. However, Town staff will perform the majority of the site work, including water and sewer line installation and underground electrical work. Additionally, while a specific design for the pre-fabricated restroom has not been finalized, staff research identified set in place, pre-manufactured units at a significantly lower cost than the original estimate.  The updated cost estimate for the restroom construction is $100,188 (see attachment 2). This is significantly lower than the estimate provided in the restroom feasibility study. There will be some additional fees such as Pima County Wastewater Connection and miscellaneous contractor help for such things as electrical tie-in. In all, the total project cost should be approximately $100K.

A brochure depicting the modular restroom unit is included as attachment 3.
Steam Pump Ranch is currently in the "pre-opening phase" as identified in the Steam Pump Ranch Master Plan. In this phase, the goal is to stabilize the site and threatened structures, to restore the Pusch Ranch House and to prepare the site for future investment. These goals have been accomplished.

To move closer to the "opening phase" as identified in the Master Plan, a permanent restroom facility must be constructed. The goal of this phase is to develop a Town heritage park facility that is regularly open to the public. Specifically, to allow for ongoing tours of the newly renovated Pusch Ranch House, several criteria must be satisfied to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. Accessible restroom facilities are one of the primary items required. Other required items, construction of adequate parking and installation of fire suppression infrastructure, are completed or are currently underway.


The restroom facility is estimated to cost $100,188, and will be funded by available Recreation In-Lieu Fees. The accumulated balance of Recreation In-Lieu Fees is $185,240.  Currently, these unspent funds have been rolled over from year to year within the General Fund contingency reserve balance.  It is recommended that the Town Council approve the reallocation of these funds from General Fund contingency into a separate new fund within the budget to account for future collections and expenditures of these specific revenues.

I MOVE to (approve or deny) funding for the construction of a new restroom facility at Steam Pump Ranch utilizing Recreation In-Lieu Fees for $100,188 or less.  I also MOVE to reallocate the current balance of Recreation In-Lieu fees in the amount of $185,240 from the General Fund contingency reserves into a separate budgetary fund.

Restrooom Feasibility Study
Updated Cost Estimate
Modular Restroom Brochure


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