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Meeting Date: 05/04/2011  
Requested by: Pima County Submitted By: Kevin Burke, Town Manager's Office
Department: Town Manager's Office  

Resolution No. (R)11-26 Requesting the Transfer of the remaining 2004 Pima County Voter Approved Bond Funds Approximating $1.5 Million from the Kelly Ranch Project to the Acquisition of Property in the Arroyo Grande Area for Urban Open Space Conservation

Council's pleasure; staff concurs with the use of the funds for a purpose similar to the open space preservation of Kelly Ranch.

Approval of this Resolution would make a formal request by the Town of Oro Valley to the Pima County Board of Supervisors to approve the transfer of approximately $1.5 million in 2004 voter-approved bond funds from the Kelly Ranch project to the acquisition of as yet undetermined urban open space in the Arroyo Grande area. The timing is such that Pima County intends to apply for State matching funds from the Growing Smarter State Trust Land Acquisition Program during a window of opportunity to receive matching funds. Transfer of these funds would result in an additional $3 million available for urban open space acquisition in the Arroyo Grande area. 
In 2004, Pima County voters approved a multi-million dollar bond issue which included $2.5 million for the acquisition of property known as Kelly Ranch. With few exceptions, all of the voter-approved projects from the 2004 bond package have been substantially completed. All that remains are a few projects within municipal jurisdictions, including the Kelly Ranch project in Oro Valley. In the interest of meeting the voters' intent with regard to urban open space acquisition, Pima County has proposed the transfer of the remaining Kelly Ranch funds to acquire open space in the state land area known as Arroyo Grande.

In 2009, the Town Council made a formal request to the Pima County Board of Supervisors to transfer a portion of that $2.5 million dollar bond allocation to acquisition of property along the Oracle Road corridor to be used for a wildlife linkage between the Catalina Mountains and the state land property known as Arroyo Grande. The Council Communication dated September 16, 2009, and Resolution No. (R) 09-61 are attached. The wildlife linkage properties were acquired by Pima County in 2010 for just under $1 million, leaving approximately $1.5 million remaining for the Kelly Ranch project.

Recently, the Town has been in contact with the Kelly Ranch property owner, SunChase Holdings, Inc. The property owner has indicated an interest in annexation of the property into the Town, but has not indicated an interest in disposition of all or part of the property at this time.
I MOVE to (approve, deny) Resolution No. (R)11-26, Requesting the Transfer of the remainder of the 2004 Pima County Voter-Approved Bond Funds, approximating $1.5 Million, from the Kelly Ranch Project to the Acquisition of Property in the Arroyo Grande Area for Urban Open Space Conservation.
Resolution 11-26
Council Communication 9.16.09
Resolution No. (R) 09-61


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