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  Item # I.       
Meeting Date: 05/18/2011  
Requested by: Bayer Vella
Submitted By: Bayer Vella, Development Infrastructure Services
Department: Community Development & Public Works  

Resolution No. (R)11-31, Authorizing and Approving an Electric Vehicle Project Host Agreement Between the Town of Oro Valley and Ecotality

Staff recommends approval.

A total of four Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations are proposed for installation in the Town Hall parking lot in proximity to the library, beneath solar covered parking.  Charging stations are intended for public use, and one will be designed for use by disabled persons. Library and DIS staff have been consulted regarding the exact location of the charging stations.

The attached contract with Ecotality provides for installation of the charging stations at no cost to the Town. Ecotality retains ownership of the charging stations. As the charging stations are used, the amount and cost of electricity consumed will be recorded and shared with the Town. Ecotality will reimburse the Town for the full cost of electricity consumed.  

Should the Town Council approve this resolution, the Town Hall charging stations will be installed near the end of May.

After one year, the Town may choose to purchase the charging station units for $1.00 and collect revenue to insure cost recovery, enter into another agreement with Ecotality, or remove the stations. Data collected over the first year will be used to make an informed decision.
Through a $99.8 million dollar grant for the U.S. Department of Energy, Ecotality will install 10,950 Level 2 charging stations and 260 fast charge systems in select markets in five states: Arizona, California, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington. These are specific test markets for the Nissan LEAF, a 100% Electric Vehicle (EV). 

A regional plan has been developed to identify potential locations for the installation of EV charging stations in advance of deployment of Electric Vehicles by most of the major car manufacturers. The approximate locations of EV charging stations in Oro Valley are depicted in Attachment #2. The majority of planned EV sites are within the parking lots of shopping centers and other private businesses.  Photographs and information regarding Level 2 charging stations are depicted in Attachment #3.

A key element of the plan includes EV charging stations at, or near, all libraries in Pima County as libraries are typically heavily visited sites and users tend to stay for an extended period.  Time spent at a location is a consideration because a Level 2 charging station requires approximately 2 hours to achieve a 1/2 full tank.  The intent of these facilities is to ensure that EV drivers can obtain a sufficient charge to complete their trip, if needed. 
The EV charging stations will be installed at no cost to the Town.  The Town will be responsible for keeping the exterior of the charging stations clean, as part of the Town's standard parking lot cleaning. All other maintenance will be provided by Ecotality. 
I MOVE to [approve, approve with conditions, OR deny] Resolution No. (R)11-31, Authorizing and Approving an Electric Vehicle Project Host Agreement Between the Town of Oro Valley and Ecotality.
Reso 11-31
Att. # 2 - Locations of Oro Valley EV Charging Stations
Att. # 3 - Level 2 Charger Information


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