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  AGENDA ITEM: 3.       
Meeting Date: 12/04/2018  
Requested by: Bayer Vella
Case Number: OV1802566

Staff recommends approval of the conceptual model home architecture as shown in Attachment 1.
The purpose of this request is to consider Conceptual Model Home Architecture from Pulte Homes for seven (7) model homes as provided in Attachment 1. The model homes will be built as detached single family homes in the new Rancho Vistoso Valley Vista subdivision located east of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard at the future Moore Road Loop extension as shown in the map to the right.
The proposed models use similar architectural and design features found in neighboring subdivisions. 
Related Approvals
  • Prior to 1987: Pima County zoned the property as Rancho Vistoso PAD, Open Space, Recreation Area/Golf Course, Medium High Density Residential, Commercial (C-1) by Pima County
  • 1987: Property annexed into Oro Valley
  • 2009: Major General Plan Amendment approved for this specific area. The request involved the locations for a new park and school, reshaping development areas, and future sewer improvements for the western portion of Big Wash.
  • 2017: A Major General Plan and PAD Amendment were approved by Town Council changing the land use designation to open space, park, and medium density residential and the zoning to open space and medium density residential. 
 Existing Site Conditions
  • Zoning: Rancho Vistoso PAD Medium Density Residential, Open Space, and Recreation Area
  • Gross area of development is 56.59 acres
  • 8.71 acres designated as landscape, drainage, or utilities common area 
  • 168 lots
Proposed Improvements
  • Build single-family detached homes
  • Total of seven (7) single-story models
  • Architectural Styles: Spanish Colonial, Territorial, and Tuscan 
  • Nine (9) color schemes
  • Three (3) garage door styles
The following is a list of noteworthy Design Principles in italics followed by staff commentary:

Conceptual Architectural Design Review Principles, Zoning Code

Section 22.9.D.5.b.i: Design: building architectural design shall be appropriate for the climate and characteristics of the Sonoran Desert, including indigenous and traditional textures, colors, and shapes found in and around Oro Valley. All development shall maintain and strengthen the high quality of design exemplified in Oro Valley through project creativity and design excellence.

The proposed models incorporate architectural styles, materials, and colors commonly found in the Oro Valley area, primarily in newer subdivisions. The applicant provided photos of nearby homes (Attachment 1) in the Rancho Vistoso neighborhood. The proposed model home architecture for the new subdivision compliments nearby existing architectural styles and designs in the community. 

Following is a list of the specific design features for each model home:
Architectural Features 4018-8 4019-8 4020-8 4022-8 5022-8 5024-8 5025-8
Accent Features X X X X X X X
Stone Veneer X X X X X X X
Contrasting Sills and Lintels X X X X X X X
Covered Front Entry X X X X X X X
Tiled Roofs X X X X X X X
Side Entry Garage          X X X

Section 22.9.D.5.b.ii: Scale, Height and Mass: building scale, height and mass shall be consistent with the Town-approved intensity of the site, designated scenic corridors, and valued mountain views. Buildings shall be designed to respect the scale of adjoining areas and should mitigate the negative and functional impacts that arise from scale, bulk and mass.

The proposed models include seven (7) single-story homes with a maximum height of 20 feet, although the permitted height for the zoning district is 30 feet. Building heights comply with the Zoning Code and compliment the surrounding area. 

Section 22.9.D.5.b.iii: Facade Articulation: all building facades shall be fully articulated, including variation in building massing, roof planes, wall planes, and surface articulation. Architectural elements including, but not limited to, overhangs, trellises, projections, awnings, insets, material, and texture shall be used to create visual interest that contributes to a building’s character.

The proposed models provide facade articulation with varied roof lines, a variety of materials including stone veneer wainscoting and articulated trim, wrought iron entry gates, eves, and varied massing that add depth and interest to the facades. Rear facades include covered patios and pop-outs, which add dimension to the elevation. Side elevations include fully articulated windows with lintels and trim. All of these elements enhance the overall architectural design and building facades of the model homes. 

Design Standards Analysis

The proposed models are in conformance with the Design Standards found in Addendum A of the Town Zoning Code by providing four sided architecture, articulated facades and roof lines, and a varied material and color pallette.Two garage orientations are also provided, which is required for subdivisions with lots exceeding 50 feet in width. The proposed models also incorporate colors and textures found in the area and compliment nearby architectural designs. 

Attachment 2 includes conditions of approval based on specific criteria detailed in the Oro Valley Design Standards, Sections 3.2.E, F and H. The aim is ensure the applicant is aware of code limitations on placement of 2 story homes, if proposed in the future, and requirements to ensure a varied arrangement of homes along a street.  
I MOVE to approve the Conceptual Model Home Architecture for the proposed seven (7) model homes for a new Rancho Vistoso subdivision, subject to the conditions in Attachment 2, based on the findings that the request complies with the Design Principles and Design Standards of the Zoning Code.


I MOVE to deny the Conceptual Model Home Architecture for the proposed seven (7) model homes as it does not meet ____________.
Attachment 1: Applicant Submittal
Attachment 2: Conditions of Approval


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