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  AGENDA ITEM: 4.       
Meeting Date: 12/04/2018  
Requested by: Bayer Vella
Case Number: OV1801490

Staff recommends approval of the request.
The property owner proposes a new master sign program
for the Placita De Oro shopping center that will establish
an updated set of standards for permanent signs in the
development (Attachment 1).  The proposed master sign
program will replace the current sign criteria which will include the following changes:
  • An updated monument sign design
  • Allow a monument sign height of 12'
A master sign program is a set of customized sign standards
that allows latitude to the zoning code in order to achieve
variety and good design. The proposed latitude in this
case is to allow the monument signs to be as tall as 12'
which is 2' taller than signs allowed through the sign criteria
process. The applicant proposes the taller signs in order to
provide better visibility and identification for the tenants in the development.

Placita De Oro is located in an area with a deeper than usual right-of-way and dense perimeter landscaping near a high speed intersection, all of which make visibility for this shopping center challenging. This is the reason the new sign standards, with a taller sign, were submitted as a master sign program which requires recommendation by the Commission and approval by Council.

The proposed sign standards will incorporate design elements, such as color and stone veneer, that will provide unity between the proposed signs and the buildings on site.
The Placita De Oro shopping center was developed in 2006 and contains a hardware and drug store along with a bank, restaurant and service related businesses (Attachment 2).  There is a previously established sign criteria which allows store owners to use a variety of colors for wall signs. Those standards will continue with the proposed master sign program, however, the monument sign design, if approved, will change to allow taller signs with clearer tenant identification. The new sign design, in conjunction with the taller height will mitigate visibility for the shopping center and allow tenants to be more noticed therefore attract more customers to the site.

Existing Site Conditions
  • 11 acre site
  • Zoned C2
  • 8 building pads.  One pad is vacant.
Master Sign Program Details

Monument signs

Monument signs are permanent structures placed near the entryways of a development that identify the shopping center and also the tenants in the buildings.

The primary focus of the proposed sign program is the monument sign design and height.  The quantity and location of the signs will comply with the zoning code standards.  The proposed new design will allow up to eight (8) tenant panels on signs that are 12' tall.   That is 2' taller than the height generally allowed by the zoning code which is why the applicant is submitting a master sign program for recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission and final approval by Council.  The taller monument signs are proposed due to the location challenges for this shopping center which include the wide curved Tangerine Road right-of-way and dense perimeter vegetation.

Wall signs

Wall signs are individual letters and/or logos attached to the exterior wall of the tenant space that provide identification for the business. 

The proposed sign program will allow both pan channel and reverse pan channel letters with halo or internal illumination.  The illumination, quantity and sizes of the wall signs will meet the Oro Valley zoning code standards.  The applicant has chosen to prohibit any wall signs on the building elevations that face the nearby residential homes in order to protect the view of those properties. 


Design Standards and Design Principals are below in italics followed by staff commentary:

Sign colors, design and placement shall be complementary and integral to the projects architectural and site design themes.

The proposed monument signs will be placed in locations that are allowed by the zoning code once the existing signs on the site are removed.  The proposed monument sign design utilizes earth tone colors found in the shopping center along with a stone veneer base that also blends with the stone accents in the development (Attachment 2). 

Project identification and sign elements shall incorporate architectural treatment and project unifying elements which are integrated with the overall design of the project in terms of style, materials, color and theme.

The proposed signs introduce a new design for the development but continues the use of colors and materials used within the shopping center.  The new design will blend with the development while providing effective identification for the tenants.

As feasible, sign colors shall utilize the project color palette approved as part of the Conceptual Design for the project.

The earth tones and teal accent colors found within the development will be used in the design of the new monument signs while allowing individual businesses to use colors from the proposed color palette or registered logos.

General Plan

The proposed sign criteria was reviewed for conformance with the General Plan’s Goals and Policies. Listed below are relevant policies within the General Plan relating to signage:

Goal Q: A built environment that creatively integrates landscape, architecture, open space and conservation elements to increase the sense of place, community interaction and quality of life. 

Policy Land Use 6: Maintain the small town, neighborly character and improve the design and safety of the built environment.

Action item #125: Maintain the unique character of Oro Valley by studying and updating: Signage regulations to emphasize identification and direction over advertising goods or services to maintain compatibility and minimal intrusiveness.

The proposed master sign program will provide an updated and taller monument sign design which will allow businesses to be better identified to the public while maintaining cohesive non-intrusive signage.  
I MOVE to recommend approval of the master sign program for the Placita De Oro shopping center, case OV1801490, based on the finding that the proposed sign program is consistent with the Design Principles.


I MOVE to recommend denial of the master sign program for the Placita De Oro shopping center, case OV1801490, based on the finding that __________________.
Attachment 1 Master Sign Program
Attachment 2 Site Photos


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