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  Item # B.       
Meeting Date: 10/05/2016  
Requested by: Aimee Ramsey
Submitted By: Aimee Ramsey, Development Infrastructure Services
Department: Community Development & Public Works  

Resolution No. (R)16-49, authorizing and approving an amendment to the FY 2016/17 adopted budget to increase the number of transit operators in the Transit Division budget
Staff recommends approval.
In order for the Community Development and Public Works (CDPW) Transit Division to meet the expanding ridership demand for the Sun Shuttle Dial-a-Ride service, staff is requesting approval to increase operator staffing from 49 (currently budgeted at 23.05 FTEs) to 56 (proposed 24.97 FTEs). This will provide 7 additional part-time, non-benefited operators to meet both additional ridership requests and provide needed relief operators to cover staff sick and vacation shortages.

The Town's adopted financial policies state that budget amendments or transfers between line items or major expenditure categories to fund additional personnel shall require the recommendation of the Town Manager and formal action by the Town Council; therefore, a budget amendment is requested to authorize the current operator cap of 49 (current budget of 23.05 FTEs) be raised to 56 (proposed 24.97 FTEs) with the associated increase in budget capacity to the Transit Division.

The additional costs associated with the increase in Transit operators will be fully reimbursed by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).
The Town of Oro Valley partners with the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) to provide the successful Oro Valley Sun Shuttle Dial-a-Ride transit service.  Ridership growth continues with a new record set just last year of 45,202 annual passenger trips.  This was an 18.8% growth over the previous year.  Service is provided through an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the RTA. 

Trips and service levels are developed through passenger demands and assessing manpower needs.  Current operations and increasing ridership support that the current workforce is not sufficient to meet the growing community demand.
Transit operator positions are directly related to supporting delivery of transit services identified in the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) plan for Oro Valley. These positions are funded through the current Intergovernmental Agreement with the RTA.

It is important that transit crew leaders assess manpower needs in relationship with community demands regularly in order to maintain the division’s ability to provide service in a timely, effective and efficient manner. A recent assessment concluded that the Transit Division is in need of covering an additional 2,230 hours of service. This requirement translates to an increase of 1.92 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs). Since these positions will be part-time, non-benefited, a total of 7 operators would be added to the current pool of 49, resulting in 56 total operators. These operators would work between 10 to 13 hours per week to remain within the increased budget capacity being requested.
Transit service costs are fully reimbursed through the IGA with the RTA. It is projected that the total cost of the additional operators would be approximately $80,280, with a potential reimbursement value of $94,775.  The additional $14,495 will cover direct costs associated with the service increases. The proposed budget amendment would increase the approved FTEs for Transit Operators from 23.05 to 24.97 and transfer budget capacity of $94,775 from the General Fund contingency reserve budget to the Transit Division budget, resulting in no overall net change in the adopted FY 2016/17 General Fund budget of $41,220,985.
I MOVE to (approve or deny) Resolution No. (R)16-49, authorizing and approving an amendment to the FY 2016/17 adopted budget to increase the number of Transit Operators in the Transit Division and transfer budget capacity of $94,775 from the General Fund contingency reserve budget to the Transit Division budget.
(R)16-49 Transit Operators


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