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Meeting Date: 01/15/2014  
Submitted By: Chris Cornelison, Town Manager's Office
Department: Town Manager's Office  

Resolution No. (R)14-02, approving the annual Legislative Agenda of the Town and protocols guiding the Town’s priorities for the upcoming legislative session and any lobbying activities
Staff recommends approval.
Each year, the Town Council approves a general Town of Oro Valley legislative agenda covering state and federal issues. This agenda identifies the recommended legislative priorities of the Town in the upcoming state legislative session and will guide the Town's requests and lobbying activities.

Although the legislative agenda should remain flexible due to the unknown nature of bills introduced in the State Legislature, the general concepts and direction are provided here for your discussion and approval. More specific information can be provided, as desired and necessary, after bills are actually introduced. The issues discussed in this report are based on the needs of the Town and what is known about anticipated legislation.
Council Policy
In 2008, the Town Council established protocol for the legislative efforts of the Town by approving the general legislative agenda through a resolution and adoption of a Council Communication that describes specific components of the legislative program. A basic principle in any lobbying effort is to speak with one voice and this resolution establishes guidelines for those who represent the Town. A summary of the elements of the 2014 Legislative Agenda pertaining to the State Legislature is included as Attachment 2.

For state legislative efforts, the Council uses staff and designates a Councilmember as Council Liaison to Legislative Districts 9 and 11. The Mayor also frequently interacts with other elected officials at all levels of government during the course of his duties and works with staff in ensuring any legislative efforts regionally, statewide or federally are coordinated in accordance with the Council-adopted agenda.

League of Arizona Cities and Towns
The Town’s intergovernmental liaison works closely with the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, specifically regarding state legislative issues with a strength-in-numbers approach to common interest legislation. The state legislative agenda is developed through involvement in the League resolutions process. The Mayor represents the Town of Oro Valley as a voting member of the Resolutions Committee, which is comprised of mayors from all Arizona municipalities. The adopted League resolutions, included as Attachment 3, represent the mutual interests of Arizona cities and towns, and will guide the League in its lobbying efforts on behalf of all cities and towns in the state.

The 51st State Legislature
The complete list of members of the 51st Legislature is included as Attachment 4. Staff will also provide members of the Council with an updated version of "The Green Book," the Arizona Capitol Times guide to the Legislature, as soon as it becomes available.

State Legislative Calendar / Process
The Legislature typically operates on a 100-day calendar; however, the Governor also has the authority to call the Legislature into session to address specific issues. The 2nd Regular Session of the 51st Legislature begins Monday, January 13, 2014. Furthermore, the Legislature typically conducts business Monday through Thursday. The target date for the end of the regular session is Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

Over one-thousand bills are introduced in the Legislature each session. In the Senate, all bills must be introduced within three weeks of the start of the session, and in the House, bills must be introduced within four weeks. As a result, all bills will be introduced prior to February 10, 2014, although there are provisions that allow members to submit bill amendments throughout the session, which effectively means that a bill with co-sponsors can be introduced at any time during the regular session.
I MOVE to (adopt or deny) Resolution No. (R)14-02, approving the annual legislative agenda of the Town and protocols guiding the Town's priorities for the upcoming Legislative Session and any lobbying activities.
Attachment 1 - (R)14-02 Legislative Agenda
Attachment 2 - Legislative Agenda Summary
Attachment 3 - League Resolutions
Attachment 4 - 51st Legislature


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