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  Item # D.       
Meeting Date: 09/02/2020  
Requested by: Bayer Vella
Submitted By: Milini Simms, Community and Economic Development
Case Number: 2001108

Request for approval of a Final Plat for Phase II of the Saguaro Viejos East residential subdivision, located near the northwest corner of La Cholla Boulevard and Naranja Drive
Staff recommends approval. Final plat review is primarily an administrative function because the design was previously approved by Town Council.
The purpose of this request is to consider a Final Plat for Phase II of the Saguaro Viejos East residential subdivision, located near the northwest corner of La Cholla Boulevard and Naranja Drive (see image to the right). Final Plats are legal documents used to formally subdivide the property to sell the individual lots.

The entire subdivision includes 175 lots on approximately 86 acres and is being developed in two phases. The Final Plat for phase 1, which is currently under construction, was approved by Town Council in April 2019.

The proposed Final Plat (see Attachment 1) for Phase II consists of 76 detached single-family residential lots (out of the 175 lots) on approximately 38 acres. The design for Phase II includes gated access from Glover Road. Additional access was approved during Phase I from La Cholla Boulevard and Naranja Drive.

The plat preserves approximately 17.7 acres of open space, which includes buffer yards and trails such as the Poppy Trail. Conservation of large Saguaros and the timing and improvements to Glover Road were major components for design approval. As such, stipulations for both are included as general notes (notes 7, 10 and 32, respectively) on the plat. 

In summary, the Final Plat for Phase II of Saguaro Viejos East meets Town requirements and conforms to the approved rezoning and site plan designs. Therefore, staff recommends approval.
The Final Plat for Phase II (see Attachment 1) requires Town Council approval prior to being recorded with Pima County. Final plat review is primarily an administrative function because the design was previously approved by Town Council. 

In 2018, the Town Council approved a rezoning and accompanying Tentative Development Plan for both phases of the Saguaro Viejos East development. The final plat for phase 1 was approved in 2019 and is currently under construction. Similar to Phase 1, there were several rezoning conditions applicable to the development and captured through general notes. Notable conditions include the following: 
  • Conservation of Saguaros (General Note 7)
    • 45% of the total area and associated saguaros have been conserved within designated open space.
    • 98% of the Saguaros in the developable area of Phase II will be salvaged (287 out of 293). The six Saguaros being removed from the site are unhealthy as field verified by staff. 
    • Phase II has seven significant Saguaros that must be preserved in place per the rezoning. These cacti will be protected by chain link fence throughout construction. The fencing is indicated on the associated design plans (site plan and native plant preservation plan) and inspected by staff periodically to ensure it is not removed. 
    • General note 7 refers to the preservation of significant Saguaros and conformance with the Native Plant Preservation Plan, which includes the previously mentioned protection measure.
  • Timing and Improvements to Glover Road (General Notes 10 and 32)
    • The improvements to Glover Road were stipulated during the rezoning process (note 10).
    • Responsibility for improvements is shared between the Saguaro Viejos East subdivision and the Saguaro Viejos West subdivision
    • General note 32 stipulates the timing of Glover Road improvements with regard to developing the subdivision. Plans have been approved to begin construction; however, the timing will be coordinated with the Amphi School District.
Proposed Improvements:
  • Approximately 38 acres subdivided into 76 single-family residential lots
  • Minimum lot size:7,000 s.f.
  • Average lot size: 8,938 s.f.
  • Gated community with access from Glover Road and existing access from La Cholla Blvd. and Naranja Rd. (Phase 1)
  • Maximum building height: 25', 2-story
  • Approximately 17.7 acres (45%) of open space, including buffer yards and trails
  • A portion of the public Poppy Trail running north to south 
Previous Approvals:
  • 2007: Rezoning approved from R1-144 to R1-20
  • 2014: Conceptual Site Plan approved for both Saguaro Viejos West and Saguaro Viejos East (expired in 2016)
  • 2018: Block Plat approved to divide the property in two (Saguaro Viejos West and Saguaro Viejos East)
  • 2018: Rezoning approved for Saguaro Viejos East from R1-20 to R1-7
  • 2019: Phase I Final Plat and Site Plan approved
  • 2020: Phase II Final Site Plan approved
In summary, the Final Plat for Phase II conforms to the designs approved during the rezoning and design review process. Therefore, staff recommends approval.
I MOVE to APPROVE the Final Plat for the Saguaro Viejos East Phase II residential subdivision, based on the finding that it meets Town requirements.


I MOVE to DENY the Final Plat for the Saguaro Viejos East Phase II residential subdivision, based on the finding that ___________________.
ATTACHMENT 1- Saguaro Viejos East Phase II Final Plat


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