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Meeting Date: 09/28/2021  
Topic:    Dornoff Berms
From: Gabriel Gilbertson
Department: Community Development  
Date of Committee
Action (if required):

Consideration of approval for berms exceeding 30 inches in height on the lands owned by TOM DORNOFF located at W186N6960 Marcy Road. 
Background Information:
Section 122-735(4) states any berms greater than 30 inches in height, in all zoning district, require architectural control board approval. The applicant appeared before the Architectural Control Board in 2019 for berms associated with their new single family home. The Architectural Control Board reviewed and approved those berms. 

Application Specifics:
The applicant has submitted a revised grading plan that provides additional berms along the rear property line where grading for a new subdivision has been occurring. The berms are being created with excess topsoil from the new subdivision. Since the applicant submitted a grading plan with berms exceeding 30 inches in height, the Architectural Control Board will need to review and approve the proposed berms. A grading plan has been attached with the proposed berms.
Additional Information:
The project was reviewed by the Engineering and Development, Police, Fire, and Utilities Departments. 

The Engineering Department noted that an erosion control plan is required prior to any of the grading work. 
Requested Action by Commission/Committee/Board:
Staff recommends the Architectural Control Board make the following two findings:
  1. The site plan is architecturally functional.
  2. The exterior design proposed is not unsightly or obnoxious and is not disharmonious or so similar to existing neighboring developments that substantial depreciation of neighboring property or development will be caused by the applicant’s proposal.
And approve the grading plan for the lands owned by TOM DORNOFF located at W186N6960 Marcy Road. 

Grading Plan


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