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Meeting Date: 09/16/2019  
Topic:    Rotary Park #1 Restroom Renovations Project #64073
From: Arlyn Johnson
Department: Administration  
Presenter: Matt Janecke  
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Consideration of Award of Contract for Rotary Park No. 1 Restroom Renovations Project No. 64073.
Background Information:
The Rotary Park (Area 1-Fond du Lac Ave.) Restroom Renovation Project includes reconfiguration of the restroom to ADA standards, new flooring, new fixtures, new furnishings and new lighting.  Funding for this project was approved by the Village Board as part of the 2019 Capital Budget under Various Park Improvements in the total amount of $450,000.  Of the $450,000, $350,000 of these funds were to come from the proceeds of the disposal of Village owned properties.
On March 6, 2017, the Village Board adopted Resolution No. 1148-R-17 authorizing the Village Manager to implement a program to dispose of certain Village Owned Properties.  As stated in this Resolution, “the Board of Trustees finds that the disposal of parcels identified on Exhibit A could further the public interest and the following goals: generating additional funds for other possible capital projects of the Village; returning the properties to the property tax rolls; reducing the Village’s property maintenance responsibilities; and furthering economic development and redevelopment in the Village;”.  In accordance with Resolution No. 1148-R-17, our intent is to utilize the proceeds from the disposal of these Village Owned Properties to fund a portion of the various capital park improvement projects as described above.
Key Issues for Consideration:
The $450,000 included in the 2019 Capital Budget for Various Park Improvements included $250,000 for the Rotary Park #1 Restroom Renovation Project No. 64073.  Approximately $40,000 has been committed to date for the architectural design and other administrative costs leaving a remaining budget of $210,000  to fund the construction costs necessary to complete the project.

Four bids were received for the project with the low bid submitted by Burkhart Construction in the amount of $101,500.00.
Action By Committee or Village Board:
Staff recommends award of the contract for the Rotary Park #1 Restroom Renovation Project No. 64073 to the low bidder Burkhart Construction in the amount of $101,500.00.

Fiscal Impact
Memo and Bid Tabulation Rotary Park Restroom #1


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