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 Village of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin



Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Janet Dake, Peggy Haas, Stephen Roberts, Kathleen Lysaght, Paul Tadda, Carole Knobil
Kathy Finley
Staff Present:
Karol Kennedy, Ellen Rohr
   1. Call to Order 6:02 PM by Janet Dake.
   2. Special Order of Business : Nominations/Election of Officers
President - position open, vacancy due to former president retirement
Treasurer/Secretary - incumbent Janet Dake
  Motion by Member Kathleen Lysaght, second by Trustee Paul Tadda to appoint Stephen Roberts as Library Board President and Janet Dake as Library Board Secretary/Treasurer.  Approved. Term will run through June of 2017.

  Vote: 6 - 0
   3. Consent Agenda: Items listed under consent agenda will be approved in one motion unless any Board member requests that an item be removed for individual discussion. That item then can be considered at an appropriate time during the Board’s regular order of business or under New Business.
  Motion by Trustee Paul Tadda, second by Member Kathleen Lysaght to approve items on consent agenda.  Approved.

  Vote: 6 - 0
   a. Approval of Minutes - Regular Meeting July 13, 2016
   b. Approval of invoices - July and August 2016 Expenditures
   4. New Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval
   a. Internet Use Policy - Update due to change in Public Computer Software
  Motion by Member Janet Dake, second by Trustee Paul Tadda to approve Internet Use Policy as printed. Approved.

  Vote: 6 - 0
   b. Short Takes for Trustees - Board Meetings There was technical difficulties with the presentation of the short take. We will try to view another session next month.
   5. Unfinished Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval
   a. Strategic Plan - Kennedy spoke to the board regarding her conversation with WiLs in regards to engaging the agency to help with the Library's Strategic Plan. WiLs specializes in Library strategic plans and therefore Kennedy recommends using their services. Cost will be approximately $7-10,000. The process would not begin until early 2017 if we contract with WiLs. No further action was taken by the board.
   b. Menomonee Falls Public Library Foundation - There was brief discussion regarding whether the board should invite someone to come out again from the Waukesha County Community Foundation. There are several new board members that may benefit from learning about the program from the source. It was suggested that the foundation discussions be put on hold until after the strategic planning is further along.
   6. President's Report: President Roberts asked Kennedy for her opinion on what the board could do for the staff to boost moral, productivity and motivation. Kennedy gave a short answer of food but followed up with in-service days or continuing education and recognition of staff efforts. The new Employee of the Month parking spot is also a motivator. President Roberts suggested that from time to time, staff members present items at the board meeting. This would help the board get to know the staff member and what they do. He would like to welcome new hires. Also he thinks it would be a good idea to add a Board Picks section to the Patron/Staff Picks reading list that is created by Katie Wichmann.
   7. Budget and Personnel Committee Report: (DAKE)
   a. Discussion/possible action on proposed 2017 budget - Janet Dake presented the 2017 budget to the board as a whole as previously reviewed by the Budget and Personnel Committee. It was decided earlier this year to combine some of the accounts that appear in the village accounting system. This was done because the detail of those items is available in other library systems. Cutting down the number of line items reduces error by eliminating duplicate data entry. Only totals of Adult, Teen and Youth materials will now be sent over to the village.
  Motion by Trustee Paul Tadda, second by Member Carole Knobil to approve the 2017 Library Budget as presented.  Approved.

  Vote: 6 - 0
   b. New Director Evaluation - There was discussion regarding the process of evaluating the Library Director. The library does not have a current evaluation procedure. Kennedy recommended having a discussion with Connie Meyer the Bridges Library System Director in regards to her recommendations. Kennedy also offered to contact other libraries for any tools they may be able to provide the board. There will be further discussion next month.
   c. Staff Retirement (KENNEDY) - we had one staff member retire in September. We are not expecting any additional retirees in the coming year.
Staff New Appointments/Hires (KENNEDY) - we have hired 2 new pages this past month and are working on hiring 2 additional. We also have promoted Katie Wichmann for the position of Library Assistant Processing/Reference. We will be hiring a part time Library Clerk to work circulation.
   8. Director's Report: (KENNEDY)
   9. Trustee's Report: (TADDA) - nothing to report.
   10. Friends Report- the Friends earned $43 from the Panera promotion. Thank you to everyone that came out to support the Friends.
   a. Holiday Bazaar - November 5, 2016 - Library Meeting Room
   b. Amazon Smile - The Friends have signed up with Amazon Smile. If you shop at Amazon. Please consider supporting the Friends by connection your Amazon account to the Friends. The Friends are given a small percentage of all eligible sales.
   11. Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 12, 2016
   12. Adjournment
Minutes transcribed by Ellen M Rohr, Business Manager
Minutes approved on October 12, 2016.


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