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Meeting Date: 07/27/2021  
Topic:    Duet Apartments
From: Gabriel Gilbertson
Department: Community Development  
Date of Committee
Action (if required):

Consideration of specific plan approval on the request of JBJCOMM, LP for two multifamily building developments located on the north side of Main Street directly west and directly east of the Emery's Cycling, Triathlon, and Fitness business. The properties are located in the PDD Planned Development District No. 2 Zoning District.
Background Information:
The Planned Development District No. 2 (PDD No. 2) is a master planned zoning district currently comprised of two target areas; Falls Parkway sub-district and the Main Street Redevelopment Area. Planned Development District No. 2 is intended to provide direction for development in relation to building placement, uses, and architectural details.
In 2016, sections of Planned Development District No. 2 were amended to reflect current market trends and the progression of the Falls Parkway White Stone Station development. The amendments at that time allowed for additional flexibility along Main Street between Pilgrim Road and Interstate 41/45 and removed alternative development standards for White Stone Station. The revisions simplified the PDD No. 2 Code to encourage development and decrease the length of time required to obtain necessary approvals while promoting a unified vision for the area that will incorporate existing uses with new uses.
Application Specifics:
The submitted application is proposing two multifamily buildings with a combined total of 86 units - 36 units in the western building and 50 units in the eastern building. The proposed sites are directly east and west of Emery's bicycle store. The proposed buildings provide both surface and enclosed parking for its residents. Site plans and elevations for the proposed developments are attached to this Staff Report.
Additional Information:
The project was reviewed the Engineering and Development, Police, Fire, and Utilities Departments.

The Planning Department noted the following:
  • The landscape plan needs additional development. There is minimal parking lot screening, especially adjacent to the existing residential buildings on the north. The landscape plan is proposing stone mulch, and that will likely need to be hardwood.
  • There is an easement at the backside of the parking lot for the eastern building. The parking lot may need to be pulled off of the easement to fit landscaping/screening.
  • There is no screening between the parking lot and the units on the northern elevation of the eastern building. There should be additional screening here to block headlights from shining into the building.
  •  A site plan showing all roof and ground mounted HVAC units is needed for review. Any HVAC units visible form the public ROW will need to be screened.
  • A CSM shall be recorded combining the parcels prior to issuance of a building permit for both sites.
  • A lighting plan showing the setbacks for the pole lights from the property lines is needed for review.
The Department of Engineering provided the following:
  1. Wisconsin DNR – NR 151 requirements must be met and a Water Resources Application (WRAPP) needs to be submitted to the Wisconsin DNR for NR 216 Permit Coverage. A copy of the DNR certificate of permit coverage is to be forwarded to the Village Engineering Department prior to issuance of the Village Erosion Control Permit.
  2. The site will need to be analyzed for stormwater infiltration per Wisconsin DNR Technical Standard 1002 of the NR 151 guidelines.
  3. Stormwater management meeting the Village’s stormwater ordinance and MMSD Chapter 13 rules must be provided for the development.
  4. Wisconsin DNR NR 151 requirements must be met for water quality management.
  5. A Village Stormwater Permit is required. A Stormwater Permit Application must be submitted with the permit review fee as required by the Village’s stormwater ordinance.
  6. The Stormwater Management Plan must be submitted to and approved by the Village and MMSD prior to starting construction.
  7. A Village Erosion Control Permit is required.
  8. A geotechnical study will have to be done by a licensed soils engineer to determine the high seasonal groundwater elevations. Basement or lowest floor elevations will have to be kept at least 3 feet above the high seasonal groundwater elevations to comply with Village code.
  9. Landscaping within the municipal sewer and water main easement shall comply with the Village’s Policy for Landscaping in and Around Infrastructure and Village Landscape Design Guidelines. No trees, bushes, shrubs or any other woody vegetation will be permitted in the easement areas.
  10. Village Driveway Permits are required prior to the construction of the new driveway approaches. Standard flared reinforced concrete driveway approaches meeting Village Specifications are to be used.
  11. Village Curb and Gutter/ Curb Cut Permits are required prior to the removal and replacement of any curb and gutter.
  12. A Village Road Cut Permit is required prior to any utility construction within the public road right-of-way or easements.
  13. The existing cast iron water main in the easement on the east parcel is in poor condition and needs to be abandoned. A new PVC water service will have to be installed to service the apartments on this site.
  14. Gate valves are needed on the water services at the road right-of-way line or easement line.
  15. Any existing sewer and water laterals that will not be utilized must be properly abandoned at the mains per requirements of the Village Utilities Department.
The Police Department provided the following:
  • The roadway near Main St. and Rozanne Dr. may need to be re-designed. The left turn lane from West bound Main St. to Rozanne Dr. will prevent East bound traffic from making a left hand turn into the entrance of the West building. Both buildings would also need dedicated left turn lane from East bound Main St., similar to the one in front of Emery's. 
  • There appears to be a large tree ("UMG") placed next to an overhead parking lot light ("PA4W")- See attachment. Once the tree is mature to may prohibit light from the fixture to fully illuminate the parking lot.
Fire Department Access per NFPA 1 including:
Fire department access roads shall:
  • Have an unobstructed width of not less than 20 ft.
  • Have unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than 13 ft 6 in.
  • Be designed and maintained to support the imposed loads of fire apparatus.
  • Have an unobstructed width of not less than 26 ft. for aerial apparatus access if grade to highest roof surface exceeds 30 ft.
  • Have an angle of approach and departure not exceed 1 ft drop in 20 ft.
  • Have turning radii that meet the WB-50 Template
  • Dead-end fire department access roads in excess of 150 ft in length shall be provided with approved provisions for the fire apparatus to turn around.
Fire Department access per NFPA 1, fire lanes and access to FDC must be maintained throughout project.
  • When final site/building plans are submitted the following may apply:
  • International Building Code 2015 Edition
  • Additional Hydrants as needed per current NFPA 13
  • Automatic Sprinkler System per current NFPA 13 (If required by building use & size)
  • Fire Alarm System per current NFPA 72
  • Fire Extinguisher requirements per NFPA 10 (ABC rated)
  • Locks Cylinder and Pulls on all exterior doors
Local requirements
  • Key box per Municipal Code Sec. 46-59.
  • Public Safety Radio Coverage in Buildings and Structures per Municipal Code 46-130.
  • FDC-5” Storz with a 30 degree down elbow
  • Horn/Strobe for Automatic Sprinkler System notification.
Requested Action by Commission/Committee/Board:
The proposed development is consistent with the Village Comprehensive Plan, the intent of PDD No. 2 Zoning Ordinance, and the Master Plan for the redevelopment area. Therefore, Staff recommends the Architectural Control Board grant specific plan approval on the request of JBJCOMM, LP for multifamily developments on lands with tax key numbers 7.021.002, 7.021.005, 7.032.004, and 7.991, subject to the following plan review requirements and conditions running with this Specific Plan Approval:
  1. Complying with the conditions and requirements laid out in this Staff Report from the Engineering Department, Police Department, and Fire Department.
  2. All roof and ground mounted HVAC units shall be screened. Submit details to the Architectural Control Board to review and approve.
  3. Submit a revised landscape plan that provides additional plantings around the parking lots and at the front of the buildings along Main Street to the Architectural Control Board to review.
  4. Recording a Certified Survey Map combining the individual parcels for each site prior to issuing a building permit.
  5. Submitting a revised landscape to the Architectural Control Board that shows all landscape beds having  a minimum of 2-3" of hardwood mulch.
  6. Submitting a lighting plan that shows the setbacks for the proposed light poles from the property lines to Staff for review and approval.

Submitted Plans


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