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Meeting Date: 07/27/2021  
Topic:    Appleton Avenue Apartments Planned Infill Development
From: Gabriel Gilbertson
Department: Community Development  
Date of Committee
Action (if required):

Consideration of a recommendation to the Village Board of Trustees on the request of THRIVE ARCHITECTS, LLC to obtain Planned Infill Development (PID) Overlay Zoning District approval allowing an addition to an existing apartment complex owned by  APPLETON APARTMENTS, LLC. The property is located at N88 W16351 Appleton Avenue, Tax Key Numbers 37.979 and 37.978.001, C-1 Neighborhood Business District.
Background Information:
The applicant appeared before the Plan Commission in 2018 for a similar request to construct a second apartment building on the subject property. Ultimately, the application was withdrawn the PID was not finalized. The original proposal showed the new apartment building built directly south and attached to the existing apartment building. The PID Request that was submitted at that time asked for exemptions from greenspace, parking, and setbacks.

The revised plans were reviewed at the June 8. 2021 Plan Commission meeting. At that time, the Plan Commission felt that the revised site layout was overall less impactful than the original version in 2018. The main concern raised by the Plan Commission was the limited parking provided on site the existing of future tenants. The Plan Commission suggested the applicant review ways to add additional parking.

At the June 8, 2021 meeting, it was discussed that Staff could provide parking ratios for other multi-family developments in the area. Staff looked at the Junction at White Stone Station and the Jade. White Stone Station had a parking ratio of 1.2 stalls per bed and 1.69 stalls per unit. The Jade had 1.35 stalls per bed and 1.78 stalls per unit. The proposed Appleton Ave. apartment has .83 stalls per bed and 1.25 stalls per unit.

The applicant submitted the following justification for the proposed Planned Infill Development request:

In the attached submittal, the owner is proposing a new multi-family building, adjacent to the existing multi-family building on his property(s). As a part of this proposal, the owner intends to combine the two parcels, as one of the parcels is land-locked, which greatly inhibits its viability. The current apartment building contains a mix which is mostly one bedroom units, and the owner is looking to fill a need for larger apartments by building a mix of more two bedroom units. Due to the physical constraints of the property, it is necessary to request exemptions under the P.I.D., to allow for flexibility in the land use, density, bulk requirements, and parking. To get the correct mix of multi-family units and enclosed parking to make the project economically viable requires the building to exceed current zoning requirements on the site.
Application Specifics:
The PID Planned Infill Development Overlay Zoning District allows flexible development standards in five areas. These areas consist of:
  1. Land Use Requirements allowing combined multi-family and commercial buildings. 
  2. Density and Intensity Requirements allowing an increase in density. 
  3. Bulk Requirements allowing modifications to the building setback and offsets. 
  4. Landscape Requirements allowing for possible deviations from landscape screening requirements. 
  5. Parking and Loading Requirements allowing a reduction in the quantity of parking stalls. 
  6. The developer has requested the following exemptions from the RM-1 Multifamily Family District.
The applicant requests this specific Planned Infill Development address the following:

Land Uses: The site is currently located in the C-1 Neighborhood Business District, which is intended to provide for the development at appropriate locations of needed commercial services consisting primarily of retail stores, shops, offices and individual service establishments catering to the daily needs of the surrounding local community area.  Although the C-1 Neighborhood Business District allows combined business and residential uses with a conditional use permit, the existing and proposed use does not contain any commercial business other than the apartment complex.  However, per Section 122-467 of the municipal code, any land uses found in the RM-1 Multifamily Residential District, RM-2 Multifamily Residential District, C-1 Neighborhood Business District, C-2 Community Business District, C-3 Planned Commercial - Residential Development District and P-2 Institutional District can be allowed within an approved Planned Infill Development. A land use exemption has been requested to allow a residential building in the C-1 Neighborhood Business District.

Density: Although the C-1 Neighborhood Business District requires the minimum lot area to be 20,000 square feet, and the proposed project does meet this standard, the proposed Planned Infill Development project entails an apartment complex expansion, which is not regulated in the C-1 Neighborhood Business District.  Since the RM-2 Multifamily Residential District was created to regulate multifamily developments, Staff has chosen to utilize the lot area standards found in this residential zoning district, which allows the densest multifamily development.
Per the RM-2 Multifamily Residential District, the parcel would need to contain a minimum of 2,625 square feet for each one-bedroom unit and 3,550 square feet for each two-bedroom unit for a total of 165,800 square feet required. The Code states that developments with over 32 units shall be permitted a reduction of up to 40% for a total required lot area of 99,480 square feet. The submitted site plan contains 73,004 square feet, which is 26,476 square feet short of the minimum lot area required in the RM-2 Multifamily Residential District. An exemption of 26,476 square feet has been requested from the required 99,480 square foot minimum lot size .

Building Setback: Section 122-240(h)(2) of the Municipal Code requires a 25' rear yard setback for residential buildings int he RM-2 Multifamily Zoning District. The submitted plans show the building is setback 20' from the rear property line. An exemption of 5' has been requested from the 25' setback.

Building Setback: Section 122-598 of the municipal code requires a residential structure to be setback a minimum of 100' from any business zoning district.  The proposed site would abut an existing gas station currently located in the C-1 Neighborhood Business District.  Although the submitted site plan does not include this setback from the existing gas station, the existing and proposed buildings are less than 100' from the property containing the gas station. This setback will need to be submitted an exemption requested for this reduced setback from the Commercially zoned property.

Parking: Per the municipal code, the development shall provide one parking stall per bedroom and one stall for every two units for visitors, with one enclosed parking stall required for each unit. With this in mind, the municipal code requires 107 parking stalls with 54 of these required stalls being enclosed.  According to the submitted plans, the development would provide 68 parking stalls - 38 enclosed parking stalls and 30 surface parking stalls. This would create a shortage of 39 total parking stalls with a shortage of 16 enclosed parking stalls. An exemption of 39 parking stalls has been requested from the required 107 parking stalls .
Additional Information:
The project was reviewed by the Engineering and Development, Utilities, Police, and Fire Departments.

The Planning Department noted:
  • A Certified Survey Map will need to be recorded prior to the issuance of any building permits.
  • A survey will be required to verify the proposed and existing building's setbacks.
  • Confirmation is needed if there are any freestanding light poles. If there are, they need to be shown on the lighting plan.
  • A site plan needs to be submitted showing the locations of any proposed ground or roof mounted HVAC units.
  • The total area of the parking lot needs to be provided to determine if there needs to be parking lot islands. If parking lot islands are required, they either need to be provided or included in the exemption request.
  • Any retaining wall over 4 feet in heights needs to be designed by an engineer and stamped plans submitted to the Village.
Requested Action by Commission/Committee/Board:
Staff recommends the Architectural Control Board make the following two findings:
  1. The site plan is architecturally functional.
  2. The exterior design proposed is not unsightly or obnoxious and is not disharmonious or so similar to existing neighboring developments that substantial depreciation of neighboring property or development will be caused by the applicant’s proposal.
And recommend the Village Board of Trustees adopt the attached ordinance approving the PID Planned Infill Development Overlay Zoning District for the Appleton Avenue Apartments, subject to the following conditions:
  1. Submitting a site plan showing the locations of roof and ground mounted HVAC units and their  methods of screening if they are visible from the public right-of-way or adjacent residential properties.
  2. All landscape beds shall have a minimum of 2-3 inches of hardwood mulch.
  3. Submitting color and material samples for the Architectural Control Board to review.
  4. Submitting a revised site plan that addresses Fire Department concerns regarding access around the perimeter of the building to the Architectural Control Board for review.

Landscape and Lighting Plan
Revised Site Plan and Elevations


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