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Meeting Date: 07/19/2021  
Topic:    Award of Contract for Town Line Water Booster Station & Reservoir, Project No. 72054
From: Tom Hoffman
Department: Engineering Services  
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Consideration of the Award of Contract for the Town Line Water Booster Station Reservoir, Project No. 72054.
Background Information:
This project consists of the construction of a water booster station with a 400,000 gallon reservoir in the Southwest area of the Village.  While existing water storage capacity is estimated to be just adequate to meet current storage needs, an additional 400,000 gallons of storage will be required as the Southwest area continues to develop.  This additional storage will provide required water storage to meet domestic demands as well as fire protection. The water booster station & reservoir will also provide reliability and redundant storage for periods when the Fair Oaks tower or Well 10 Reservoir is out of service for maintenance or painting. Lastly, water service west of Well 10 currently lacks redundancy, and service would be impacted in the event of water main breaks.
As part of the Silver Spring Estates Subdivision a 0.75 acre lot in the northeast corner along the railroad tracks has reserved for the construction of this water booster station & reservoir.
Key Issues for Consideration:
Bids for this project were received on Wednesday July 14, 2021 with one (1) contractor submitting a bids.  A copy of the Bid Tabulation is included in your packets.

The Engineering Department has reviewed the bids and the low bid was submitted by J.H. Hassinger for the Total Base Bid in the amount $1,973,004.75. The Engineers Estimate for this project was $1,680,000.00 for the Total Base Bid.  Funding for this project has been approved as part of the 2017 & 2021 Capital Budget by the Village Board and will be paid for 100 percent by Water Impact Fees.
Action By Committee or Village Board:
Village Staff recommends that the Village Board reject all bids for the Town Line Water Booster Station Reservoir, Project No. 72054 and direct staff to review the project for cost savings and re-bid the project in December of 2021 to attract more bidders.  This would allow for work to begin in the Spring of 2022.

Town Line Water Booster Bid Tab 1


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