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Meeting Date: 07/07/2020  
Topic:    Eimerman Certified Survey Map
From: Gabriel Gilbertson
Department: Community Development  
Date of Committee
Action (if required):

Consideration of a preliminary and final approval of a Certified Survey Map on the request of the JOHN P. EIMERMANN 1988 REVOCABLE TRUST to modify the property line between the properties located at N58W14500 and W144N5800 Shawn Circle.  The properties are identified by Tax Key Numbers 104.997.002 and 104.997.027, and located in the I-2 Heavy Industrial Zoning District.
Background Information:
The previous owners of the property identified as Lot 1 on the submitted certified survey map recently sold the property to Entrust and as part of that sale, withheld approximately 1/3 of an acre that was to be sold to the property identified as Lot 2 on the submitted certified survey map. The applicant explained that there had been a longstanding agreement between the two property owners for the owner of Lot 2 to encroach on to Lot 1 with the understanding that they would ultimately purchase that land.
Application Specifics:
The submitted Certified Survey Map transfers approximately 1/3 acre from Lot 1 to Lot 2. Lot 1 will decrease from 3.8457 acres to 3.431 acres and Lot 2 will increase from 5.4687 acres to 5.884 acres. The propose Certified Survey Map better aligns with how the properties are currently being used.
Additional Information:
The project has been reviewed by the Engineering and Development, Utilities, Police, and Fire Departments.

The Engineering Department stated that all easements must be shown on the Certified Survey Map.

The Planning Department noted the following:
  • Who the instrument is drafted by is missing on the first page.
  • The wetland boundaries need to be shown with bearings and distances tied to the property lines.
  • It does not appear there are any public easements or public dedications, and as such the Village Board approval section can be removed.
Requested Action by Commission/Committee/Board:
Since the proposed Certified Survey Map is in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan, and conforms to the existing zoning district, Staff recommends the Plan Commission grant Preliminary and Final approval of the Certified Survey Map, subject to the following conditions:
  1. Adding "This instrument was drafted Nicholas J Firer" to the first page.
  2. Adding wetland boundaries with bearings and distances tied to property lines.
  3. Removing the Village Board approval section on Page 5.
  4. Showing all easements on the certified survey map.
  5. If approved, the applicant shall pay recording fees to the Village if the Village is to record the Certified Survey Map.

Certified Survey Map


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