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Meeting Date: 07/07/2020  
Topic:    Milwaukee Tool Industrial Use Approval
From: Gabriel Gilbertson
Department: Community Development  
Date of Committee
Action (if required):

Consideration of an Industrial Use Approval for MILWAUKEE TOOL to construct a building on the north side of Leatherwood Court in the Woodland Prime Office Park on the property identified by Tax Key Number 52.992.013.
Background Information:
Milwaukee Tool has purchased approximately 71 acres in the Woodland Prime Office Park with plans to build a multi-purpose campus for the continued growth of the company. The company has broadly identified plans for nearly 700,000 square feet of new facilities in addition to acquiring an existing office building within the Office Park. Milwaukee Tool estimates the campus would create roughly 770 new jobs by 2025.
Application Specifics:
The submitted plans propose a 120,000 square foot industrial building on the north side of Leatherwood Court. The application states that the building will be open from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM Monday through Friday with 10 full-time employees and 30 part-time employees work at this location. The building will ultimately be utilized as a national marketing space for the demonstration of products as well as ongoing product testing of Milwaukee Tool products. A 107 stall parking lot on the south side of the building will provide spaces for the employees and the roughly 200 visitors a day that will come to view the demonstrations. The applicant states if additional parking is required, the company will provide transportation from other parking facilities.
Additional Information:
The Engineering and Development, Police, Fire, and Utility Departments reviewed the project. The following comments were provided.

The Planning Department noted: 
  • The Architectural Control Board may request additional architectural features and color variations on the exterior of the building.
  • All roof or ground mounted HVAC units will need to be screened from the public right of way.
The Engineering Department noted:
  • The proposed parking lot will be placed over an existing sanitary sewer line within a sanitary sewer easement. The property owner must sign an easement agreement, in a form approved by the Village Board that will allow the parking lot to go over the sanitary easement. 
  • The parking lot will hamper maintenance activities on the sewer line. The Property Owner must grant the Village of Menomonee Falls an access easement, adjacent to the existing sanitary easement, for municipal vehicles to park and work on the sanitary sewer.
  • The Village of Menomonee Fall Engineering Dept. must approve a grading plan.
  • The Village of Menomonee Fall Engineering Dept. must approve a utility plan.
  • The Village of Menomonee Fall Engineering Dept.  and MMSD must approve  the stormwater management plan.
  • The Property Owner must submit a stormwater permit application with fee and receive a stormwater permit from the Village.
  • The proposed parking lot will be placed over an existing  sanitary sewer.   In order for Village crews to access the existing sanitary sewer, the property owner must dedicate an access easement in a form acceptable to the Village.  The document must be recorded with Waukesha County.
  • In order for the property owner to construct a new parking lot over the existing  sanitary easement, a easement agreement must be sign by the property owner in a form approved by the Village. The document must be recorded with Waukesha County.
  • The property owner must sign a stormwater permit. The document must be recorded with Waukesha County.
The Police Department stated that it appears that a larger tree will be planted next to a light pole in the parking lot.  Insure that when the tree is mature that it does not prohibit the parking lot from being properly illuminated. Plantings were placed in front of the large front entrance window. The receptionist should have clear view of all persons approaching the building.  The use of low growing plants is suggested in this area. Insure that all doors are covered with overhead lighting. 

The Fire Department noted:
  • International Building Code 2015 Edition
    • Fire Department Access per NFPA 1
    • Additional Hydrants as needed per current NFPA 13
    • Automatic Sprinkler System per current NFPA 13 (If required by building use & size)
    • Fire Alarm System per current NFPA 72
    • Fire Extinguisher requirements per NFPA 10 (ABC rated)
    • Locks Cylinder and Pulls on all exterior doors
  • Local requirements
    • Key box per Municipal Code Sec. 46-59.
    • Public Safety Radio Coverage in Buildings and Structures per Municipal Code 46-130.
    • FDC-5” Storz with a 30 degree down elbow
    • Horn/Strobe for Automatic Sprinkler System notification 
Fire Department access per NFPA 1, fire lanes and access to FDC must be maintained throughout project.
Requested Action by Commission/Committee/Board:
Staff recommends the Plan Commission grant industrial use approval for the 120,000 square foot building on the north side of Leatherwood Court, subject to the following conditions:
  • Compliance with the Department of Engineering and Fire Departments contained in this Staff Report.
  1. Completing the site, building, and landscaping in strict conformity to the plans approved by the Architectural Control Board.  Any deviation in color, material, landscaping, or other architectural detail shall be returned to the Architectural Control Board for re-approval.
  2. The site shall be neatly maintained at all times.
  3. There shall be no outside storage of new or used equipment, materials or merchandise.

Elevations and Renderings
Site Plan
Landscape Plan


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