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 Village of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin



Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Janet Dake, Peggy Haas, Stephen Roberts, Kathleen Lysaght, Paul Tadda
Kathy Finley
Staff Present:
Karol Kennedy, Ellen Rohr
   1. Call to Order (DAKE) - called to order at 6:00 pm in Library Board Room.
   2. Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting June 8, 2016.
  Motion by Member Peggy Haas, second by Trustee Paul Tadda to approve the minutes as presented.

  Vote: 5 - 0
   3. Approval of bills per list
  Motion by Member Kathleen Lysaght, second by Member Stephen Roberts to approve the bills as presented.  There was brief discussion on the new format of the bills.  Dake requested we add subtotals for both the 221 and 220 bills at the bottom.

  Vote: 5 - 0
   4. New Business - Items for Discussion and Approval
   a. Discussion and possible approval to purchase iPad(s) to be used by library staff to create efficiencies and enhance library services.
  Motion by Member Peggy Haas, second by Member Stephen Roberts to purchase 2 iPads plus sturdy cases for use by library staff to create efficiencies and enhance library services.  Purchase to be made from the Rob Rapp memorial fund.

  Vote: 5 - 0
   b. Discussion and possible approval of installation of hearing loop in the Library meeting room.
  Motion by Member Stephen Roberts, second by Member Kathleen Lysaght to install a hearing loop in the library meeting room.  Also to purchase headsets for use by patrons without hearing aids.  Purchase to be made from 2006 Waukesha County Technology Grant funds. Approved.


  Vote: 5 - 0
   c. Discusssion and possible approval of Updated Circulation Policies.
1) Library Card Eligibility
2) Library Card Usage
3) Loan LImits, Periods, Renewals and Holds
4) Fines, Fees, and Unreturned Materials
5) Privacy Policy
  Motion by Member Stephen Roberts, second by Member Peggy Haas to approve items 1-4 as corrected. Item 5 Privacy Policy was part of the original circulation policy but will remain the same until a later time. Approved.

  Vote: 5 - 0
   d. For Discussion only: New Financial Reports (ROHR) - Rohr and Kennedy met with Jason Kaczmarek in Financial Services regarding reporting of financial information for the board. Reports are improving. A few more tweaks need to be made.
   5. Unfinished Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval
   a. Discussion Only - Menomonee Falls Public Library Foundation - Sometime ago discussion regarding the Menomonee Falls Public Library Foundation was tabled due to lack of information. $10,000 seed money is needed to start the foundation, Jane Schall, former library director was discussing with Jason Kaczmarek, Village Finance Manager regarding whether funds in the State Pool can be used as seed money. Kennedy and Rohr recently met with Kaczmarek and found out that we can use them if they are not designated for other purposes.The consensus of the board was to have someone from Waukesha County Foundation come out again and give a presentation.
   b. For Discussion Only: Trustee Handbook - A trustee handbook was distributed to all board members. Contained in the handbook is information on their duties and responsibilities as a trustee. Over the next several months we will be going through portions of the handbook. Kennedy also handed out Trustee training brochures for a training coming up in August. If interested, the trustees were encouraged to participate.
   6. Budget and Personnel Committee Report:
   a. Personnel Update:
1) Director Certification Submission (DAKE) - paperwork has been submitted for Grade 1 Director Certification whish is required for our size library.
2) Director Vacation Request - Prior to hiring Karol Kennedy, she informed the board of a scheduled vacation in July. She formally requested to use her 4.5 days floating holidays for that time which is prior to when she is eligible to use them. She is aware that should she terminate employment prior to when she is eligible her final pay will be docked for the used days. A motion was made by Kathleen Lysaght, second by Stephen Roberts to approve use of the floating holidays in July. Approved.
   7. Strategic Plan (KENNEDY) - The library's strategic plan concluded in 2013. Kennedy inquired whether the board was interested in hiring an outside service to help. If so she would look into these types of services and report back. The consensus was for Kennedy to go ahead and pursue information from outside services and report back to the board.
   8. Director's Report: (KENNEDY) - ?
Summer Reading Program: The programs for children, teens and adults are off to great start. The new activity sheet format introduced this year for children has been well received. Youth staff visited 32 classrooms in public and parochial schools, reaching 1,740 students, and leaving flyers with those they were not able to visit.

In June, 31 programs were held for children and families, with total attendance of approximately 1,214.
Registrations for all levels are going well.

Food for Fines: A total of $195.70 in fines was waived during our Food for Fines Program held June 13-18. Patrons received a $1.00 voucher for every item they donated. Vouchers could be used to clear fines on their account up to $15. At least 29 patrons participated. Most fines cleared were recent, but some were older and we are especially happy to welcome these customers back. We also noticed an increase of fine and fee payment over the course of the week. An additional $35 in cash was donated by patrons. This will be used as a cash donation or gift card donation to the Food Pantry. There was a nice article on this program on Menomonee Falls Now.

Building and Operations
• Mats: The new mats were delivered and most look great.
• Chairs: The final chairs have been delivered and are in place. We received a $100 discount per chair for a total of $3000 on the 30 chairs that were the incorrect color. We have received many positive comments on these new additions.
• Lighting: The second floor lighting above the public terminals has arrived and will be replaced as soon as it can be scheduled with the contractor.
• Microfilm table: The table was delivered last week and offers a much more welcoming and functional space for our microfilm users.
• Emergency phone: We discovered the emergency phone in the vestibule was not functioning. We worked with Village IT to get the issue corrected.
• Front door repair: The doors were not working properly and the vendor was called in for repairs.

Personnel: We currently have two open positions:
• Full time, Library Clerk – Processing/Circulation.
• Part Time (20 hours) - Page II - Shelver and Circulation Desk Worker
Upcoming Events:
Month of July: Christmas in July Book Sale
July 14, 4:00 – 8:00 p.m.: Library Friends Fundraising Night at Panera Bread
July 20, 1:00 – 1:45 p.m.: Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club’s Famous Racing Sausages
August 22-26 12:00-1:00 p.m.: Trustee Training Webinars
Sept. 24 : Author Visit- Jennifer Chiviarini; 110th Anniversary Celebration
   9. Trustee's Report: (TADDA) - The garage at Good Hope will be expanded. The former area of Victory Theater has been rezoned as residential single family lots.
   10. Friends' Report: (KENNEDY) - Friends are actively looking for a treasurer and a secretary.
They are holding a fundaraiser on July 14 at Panera from 4-7. Customers should bring in the flyer with their purchase. Flyers are available online and in areas around the library.
   11. Items From the Floor (for discussion only)
   12. Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 10, 2016, Library Board Room
   13. Topics for next meeting agenda
1) Officer Elections
2) Short takes for Trustees
3) Set date for Budget and Personnel Committee Meeting
   14. Adjournment
Minutes transcribed by Ellen M Rohr, Business Manager
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