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Board of Trustees of the Menomonee Falls Public Library
W156 N8436 Pilgrim Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-3140
(262) 532-8930

July 15, 2015 Regular Meeting

Francine Rau, Janet Dake, Peggy Haas, Kathleen Lysaght, Jeremy Walz
Doris Barnes, Kathy Finley
Staff Present:
Jane Schall, Ellen M. Rohr
   1. Call to Order - 6:03 pm by President Rau.
   2. Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting - Motion to approve minutes by Dake, second Lysaght, approved.
   3. Approval of invoices per list - motion to approve by Lysaght, second by Dake, approved.
   4. New Business - Items for Discussion and Approval
   a. Discussion/Action regarding costs to repair public elevator. - A check valve has failed on the main elevator. A quote from Kone for the repairs was received. It will cost $16,000 to repair the valve only, $18,980 to repair the valve and the pump. It is recommended to replace everything because as the valve fails it puts more wear and tear on the pump, controls etc. It will take three days to repair. Patrons will have use of the staff elevator while the repairs are completed. After a brief discussion, a motion was made by Dake, seconded by Lysaght to proceed with the repair of the elevator with the pump, with the understanding that any additional funds that may be needed to cover this purchase will be taken from the 221 fund balance. All ayes; motion carried.
   b. Discussion/Action County Library Standards - Each year we must review our annual exemption certification, which the Board President will have to sign, as well as the Director. Schall reported that our numbers are improving now that we are a CAFE member. Motion by Walz, second by Lysaght to approve the Exemption from County Library Standards certification as presented. All ayes; motion carried.
   c. Discussion/Possible Action regarding updating Library Director job description. Board members asked to review the current job description for the Library Director in order to update it if necessary. After some discussion, Schall was asked to review the current description and report back at the next meeting any additional items that should be added, or items that should be subtracted. She will also contact other libraries in the system for copies of their job descriptions as well as ask for the salary range for other libraries in the county.
   5. New Business - Items For Discussion Only
   a. 2016 Preliminary Budget discussion - The budget process has not started at the village as of this date. The state budget was passed late and the village did not want to start their budget until that was approved. The Library Budget Committee will begin meeting mid to late August.
   b. Discussion regarding appointment of new Library Board Member to replace former board member Doris Barnes. - There is still an open position for the library board. Village Board President Helm had recommended someone for appointment but that person respectfully declined.
   6. Unfinished Business - Items for Discussion Only
   a. Jefferson County Update - Jefferson County will be joining Waukesha County as a joint system. Changes are beginning and it is expected that Jefferson county will be on board sometime in December.
   b. Materials Recovery Program Update - Rohr reported on how well the materials recovery program is going. Less notices and bills are being sent out to patrons, which means materials are being returned in a more timely manner.
   7. President's Report - Rau discussed an Art Card Catalog that she found while traveling and thought it might be something for Menomonee Falls to think about it. There was discussion regarding liability and cost of bringing a display of that sort into the library.

A community read was also discussed. Schall reported that Waukesha does it and it would take a whole lot of staff time to put that on at our Library.
   8. Director's Report
   a. Summer Library Program Update - all the programs are doing well. The program ends August 1. Next year's theme is sports. There has been discussion for the library to have a table at Little League Opening day.
   b. Building Update - Power Washing of Building - Louie has been working on cleaning the building.
There was a recent power outage at the library which was caused by a faulty transformer. It has been repaired.
   c. Employee of the Month - this month there are two.
Lisbeth Jacobs - Lisbeth had the idea to do a Dr. Who program for children. Sign up was spectacular and filled up fast. Parents who usually drop off their kids for these types of events stayed and participated. The participants were having so much fun, they did not get to the trivia portion that was planned. It was recommended to have another night later in the year. Lisbeth did an excellent job on the program and is being named as Employee of the Month for her outstanding idea and hard work on the program.

Kim Kluge is our Children's Programmer. She is also being named employee of the month for her Favorite Stuffed Animal Program held earlier this month. Children were asked to bring their favorite stuffed animal to the library for a sleepover. After a short story time the toys were left behind and were picked up the next day.Kim had pictures taken of the toys have a fun time at the library overnight. This was a great idea and both the kids and toys had a lot of fun. Great job Kim for your hard work!

   9. Trustee's Report - Walz reported on up and coming events of the village including the Civil War Encampment. There was a recent article in the Milw. Journal regarding Menomonee Falls Schools Student Performance better than ever.
   10. Friends' Report - no report
   11. Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 12, 2015; 6 pm
   12. Adjournment - motion to adjourn made by Haas, second by Lysaght. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.
Minutes transcribed by Ellen M Rohr, Business Manager
Minutes approved on August 12, 2015


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