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 Village of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin



Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Janet Dake, Kathleen Lysaght, Paul Tadda, Carole Knobil
Peggy Haas, Jenna Merten, Corey Golla
Staff Present:
Karol Kennedy, Ellen Rohr
   1. Call to Order at 6:02 PM by President Lysaght.
   2. Consent Agenda:
  Motion by Member Janet Dake, second by Trustee Paul Tadda to approve the consent agenda as presented.  Approved.  There was a short discussion about the Administrative Salary line that appears on the monthly Budget Performance Report.  Rohr explained that the line is there initially for budgeting purposes. All Salaries including the administrative allocations are expensed to the Regular Salary line due to the capabilities of the Payroll software.

  Vote: 4 - 0
Other: Member Peggy Haas (Absent)
  Member Jenna Merten (Absent)
  School District Superintendent Corey Golla (Absent)
   a. Minutes from the May 16, 2018 Regular Meeting
   b. May 2018 Expenditures - $140,524.13
   3. New Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval:
   a. Waukesha County Library Standards Certification - Wisconsin Statute 43.63(2) allows Waukesha County municipalities that tax their residents for libraries the opportunity to exempt their residents from the county library levy if two criteria are met:
  1. The municipal tax rate for library services is equal to or above the rate of the county library tax, and
  2. The library meets or exceeds the Waukesha County adopted library standards.
  Motion by Member Janet Dake, second by Trustee Paul Tadda certifying that the library will meet or exceed the standards set by Waukesha County.  Approved.  Kennedy also discussed that for 2019 the Library's materials expenditures are okay. As Menomonee Falls population increases, we will want to consider increasing the materials spending budget to meet the minimum to exempt amounts in 2020.

  Vote: 4 - 0
Other: Member Peggy Haas (Absent)
  Member Jenna Merten (Absent)
  School District Superintendent Corey Golla (Absent)
   b. Maude Shunk Local History Room Special Collections Management Policy
  Motion by Trustee Paul Tadda, second by Member Janet Dake to table the approval of the policy until a later date.  Approved.

  Vote: 4 - 0
Other: Member Peggy Haas (Absent)
  Member Jenna Merten (Absent)
  School District Superintendent Corey Golla (Absent)
   c. PLSR Preliminary Overall Model Framework -PLSR Preliminary Overall Model Framework: Kennedy reported that we have an opportunity to voice opinions on the two proposed models. Model W keeps the current library system structure and introduces new standards of service and more library system accountability. It also changes the distribution formula for state aid to library systems to include an equity component. Model Y consolidates the states 16 library systems to between 6-8 large regional library systems and introduces a statewide governing board and statewide service management team. Kennedy encouraged everyone to respond to the survey posted on the website by July 20.
   d. Patio Screening Interior and Exterior Sanding and Painting - There was a discussion on this project. A few suggestions were proposed. Could the patio be sanded and left without paint or would the integrity of the material be affected with no paint? Would sanding and not painting eliminate our need to repaint again in the near future. Can the screening be replaced with a product that doesn't need to be repainted? Trustee Tadda also requested a second quote. Kennedy and Rohr will contact the Buildings Manager for an answer to these questions.
   e. Smart Board Purchase
  Motion by Member Janet Dake, second by Member Carole Knobil to approve the purchase of a smart board at the cost proposed of $6191.  The expenses will be taken out of the remaining Computer Equipment line of the operating budget.  Any remaining funds needed will be transferred from the Fund Balance.  Approved.  The board will be used for presentations programs, and promotions within the library.

  Vote: 3 - 1
Nay: Trustee Paul Tadda
Other: Member Peggy Haas (Absent)
  Member Jenna Merten (Absent)
  School District Superintendent Corey Golla (Absent)
   4. Unfinished Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval:
   a. Space Review and Concept Design Project - Kennedy reported that we will have a meeting with the Architects on Wed., June 27 at 9:00 AM to get the committee's input on the preliminary proposals. Board members are invited to attend. Arlyn Johnson is also invited to attend. Peggy Haas was able to attend our first meeting with the architects. Kennedy read a short summary written by Peggy regarding the meeting.
  Motion by Member Janet Dake, second by Trustee Paul Tadda to amend the motion to approve the cost of a Library Space Review and Concept Design as proposed by Engberg Anderson Architects by striking out   [Funds should be spent  from the RM-Misc Line [220-500-8162-9990]of the 2018 Operating budget.  If there are not enough funds in this operating budget, funds may be spent from the Library Fund Balance. Cost not to exceed $9950.] and inserting Funds should be spent from the Library Building Special Reserve account. Cost not to exceed $9950]. Approved.

  Vote: 4 - 0
Other: Member Peggy Haas (Absent)
  Member Jenna Merten (Absent)
  School District Superintendent Corey Golla (Absent)
   5. Trustee Education - Chapter 14 The Library Board and Open Meetings Law Kennedy discussed this chapter and cautioned the board about the walking quorum.
   6. President's Report: President Lysaght thought that program by Amy Reichart was very engaging. She also continues to enjoy the monthly movies.
   7. Budget and Personnel Committee Report: 2019 Budget Process Dake reported that we are beginning the budget process. It will be much like it was last year. A better timeline should be available at the July meeting.
   8. Directors Report: see attached.  Kennedy also gave an overview on the Big Read Timeline.  Last month there was a question on weeding the digital collection.  Kennedy reported that items that are no longer available due to licensing are removed from the collection.  Kennedy also explained the problems we are experiencing with our hotspots.  Kennedy announced that we will have a pop-up library at our upcoming Truck Day.  Books will be available for checkout outside.
   a. Correspondence - The Big Read Grant that we were awarded has been published in several area newspapers.
   9. Trustee's Report: Tadda reported on the recent going happenings at the village board meetings.
   10. School District Report: no report.
   11. Friends' Report - See Directors Report
   12. Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 6:00 PM, Library Board Room.
   13. Topics for next meeting agenda - Elect officers for the 2018-19 year; Select and approve meeting dates for the 2018-19 year.
   14. Adjournment at 7:42 PM with no further information to discuss.
Minutes transcribed by Ellen M Rohr, Business Manager. 
Approved by the Library Board on July 18, 2018



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