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 Village of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin



Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Janet Dake, Peggy Haas, Stephen Roberts, Kathleen Lysaght, Paul Tadda, Carole Knobil, Corey Golla
Staff Present:
Karol Kennedy, Ellen Rohr
Kifflie Scott, Guest Speaker

   1. Call to Order at 6:05 PM by President Roberts.
   2. Consent Agenda: Items listed under consent agenda were approved in one motion.
   a. Approval of minutes of the regular board meeting held on April 19, 2017.
   b. Approval of Expenditures for April 2017 per list.  Total Expenditures $118,295.42.
  Motion by Member Kathleen Lysaght, second by Member Corey Golla to approve consent agenda as presented.  Approved.

  Vote: 7 - 0
   3. New Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval:
   a. Guest Presenter - Kifflie Scott, Assistant Director, presented information on the Summer Library Program for Teens and Adults.
   b. Wisconsin Statute 43.63(2) allows municipalities that tax themselves for libraries the opportunity to avoid double taxation by exempting themselves from the county library levy if their municipal tax for library services is equal to or above the rate established under the county levy,  In addition, Waukesha County libraries must meet or exceed adopted library standards in order to qualify for the exemption. Menomonee Falls has met the minimum requirements in previous years. New county library minimum to exempt standards were recommended by the county library planning committee (Act 150 Committee). Kennedy explained the changes and how they would affect the Library. Menomonee Falls meets most of the proposed standards without issue and is on track to meet all of them. The Act 150 committee is seeking approval from library boards before sending the document to the County Board for vote in July.
  Motion by Member Janet Dake, second by Member Peggy Haas to approve the minimum to exempt standards as presented.  Approved.

  Vote: 7 - 0
   c. Library Board Member Contact Information - As part of the new library standards, Board Member contact information must be included on the Library website. The consensus of board members is that it is okay to proceed with adding basic contact information to the website. Kennedy will look into getting Village email addresses for board members.
   d. Request for Library Budget Amendment - Due to some changes in insurance costs, the library budget has a surplus of $10,118 in revenue. In order to balance the budget, Kennedy recommended that the revenue surplus be allocated to Computer Hardware expense. The increase of this account does not increase the total of the budget.
  Motion by Member Corey Golla, second by Member Janet Dake to approve the budget amendment as presented.  Approved.

  Vote: 7 - 0
   4. Unfinished Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval:
   a. Community Read Project - Kennedy asked the board if they were interested in pursuing a "Community Read" project even though Menomonee Falls did not receive the "Big Read" grant. The board was not opposed to the project and will discuss again later in the year.
   5. Trustee Education - Chapter 4 - Effective Board Meetings Kennedy went over the chapter on effective board meetings with the board. Any board member can add an item to the agenda by emailing or calling Kennedy or Rohr a week before the meeting.
   6. President's Report: Roberts is expected to be able to confirm his deployment plans within the next month or so. He spoke about an upcoming speaker series he plans to start for the library. He also discussed Falls Memorial Fest and a 5K Event to benefit Operation Finally Home.
   7. Planning Committee Report: (KENNEDY) - Community Conversations are scheduled for May 24, May 30 and June 1. If you have anyone you would like invited to the conversation, let Karol know. Community Survey is being distributed through various channels. Encourage everyone to fill it out.
   8. Director's Report: (KENNEDY) Report attached.  In addition, the library will have a table at Falls Memorial Fest.
   9. Trustee's Report: Tadda gave a report of some of the things going on in the village,including an announcement regarding the 125th anniversary of the village and some of the projects going on in conjunction with the anniversary.
   10. Friends' Report: Kennedy attended a recent meeting. The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten bags have been ordered and will be arriving soon.
   11. Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 21, 2017.
   12. Adjournment - 7:35 PM with no further business to discuss.
Minutes transcribed by Ellen M Rohr, Business Manager
Minutes approved on June 21, 2017.


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