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 Village of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin



Monday, October 2, 2017

Village President, Joseph Helm, called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.
Village President Joseph Helm; Trustee Katie Kress; Trustee Randy Van Alstyne; Trustee David Glasgow; Trustee Bonnie Lemmer; Trustee Paul Tadda; Trustee Jeremy Walz
Staff Present:
Village Manager Mark Fitzgerald; Village Attorney Michael Morse; Assistant Village Manager/Director of Public Works Arlyn Johnson; Director of Community Development Matt Carran; Director of Protective Services Anna Ruzinski
   Discussion relating to proposed amendments to existing ordinances regulating the unenclosed storage of boats, campers and trailers

Trustee Glasgow's comments:
  • Does not want an open ended item like this in the village. 
  • Need to balance out the needs of many residents. 
  • Talked to numerous realtors - storage of these items is great negative and impacts buyers.  It makes selling a house difficult when boats are in the driveway.  It affects property values. 
  • If there is not a well defined ordinance, then hard to enforce and there is no recourse for property owners. 
  • Aesthetics is problematic with the storage of these items.
  • Also wants parking restrictions to help make areas aesthetically positive.
  • Would appreciate consideration of the proposed ordinance.
Trustee Lemmer's comments:
  • Speaking from a realtor's perspective, having recreational vehicles and trailers on a property makes a sale more difficult.
  • If the storage is not a big issue, then why do all the new subdivisions prohibit it? 
  • Concerns about older neighborhoods retaining property values.
Village President Helm's comments:
  • He has received more contacts on this topic than any other issue the past two weeks.  The contacts were against storage of vehicles in the front yard other than for short periods of time.
  • He feels property owners are well intended when storing these items on their property, but there is always the exception. 
  • Feels this will have a large impact on real estate markets and neighborhoods in the future. 
  • He wants to stay with the current ordinance.
Director of Community Development, Matt Carran, stated that based on the other Committee of the Whole meetings, the ordinance was changed to consider a limit of 2 items, no utility tarps, and consideration of the size of the lot and/or zoning.  The idea was to create an ordinance to bring to the Plan Commission.  He reviewed the draft ordinance.  The main items are:
  • A maximum length 35'
  • The items cannot be stored in multifamily residences
  • Large lots would allow for a secondary recreational vehicle 5' from the property line on a paved surface
A map was reviewed that showed larger lots in the village (yellow lots) vs. smaller lots (red lots)

Trustee Walz's comments:
  • He lives on a small lot and feels that having a recreation vehicle in the driveway is ok.  
  • Small lots like his 1/4 acre lot should be able to have a parked recreation vehicle.  Larger lots should allow for storage of two recreational vehicles.   
  • He thinks there is a need to have recreational vehicles in front of the garage or lot.
Village Manager, Mark Fitzgerald, stated that recreation vehicles in the front yard are the most objectionable.  He asked Director Carran to show pictures of recreation vehicles, trailers, and boats that are currently parked or stored on properties in the village.

Trustee Tadda and Trustee Glasgow asked Director Carran to provide data reflecting which lots in the village do not have a home owners association and would be most affected by the proposed ordinance requirements.

Trustee Kress's comments:
  • There needs to be a balance with property rights.
  • She is open to year round storage, and likes that the date restriction was removed.
  • She does not object to storage in front of a garage.

Trustee Van Alstyne's comments:
  • He thinks the date restriction should be included in the ordinance, it is critical to eliminate the problem of some areas not being kept up year round.
  • The date restriction should be April 1 to November 1.
  • There are two views of village property owners.  The property owners wanting to store items versus the residents who don't want the items stored.
Trustee Glasgow's comments:
  • He wants the current ordinance, including time restrictions, enforced.  He does not want  2, 3 months, or year round. 
  • His problem is how it affects the real estate market value. Doesn't want to do this to property owners in the village.  Looking at it from a market perspective.
Trustee Walz's comments:
  • He asked to have the dates removed.  Thinks the storage should be all year round and not restricted.
  • Thinks the proposed ordinance should move forward.
  • Should look at other communities in the area when drafting the ordinance.
Trustee Lemmer's comments:
  • Need to think about the rights of the residents who do not have recreational vehicles, trailers, or boats, who are the majority.  Need to think about neighbors.

The consensus of the village board members in regard to the proposed ordinance was 4 in favor and 3 opposed. The Plan Commission will be made aware of the consensus when they review the ordinance. After Plan Commission review a public hearing will be held by the Village Board before consideration of the proposed ordinance.
  Motion by Trustee David Glasgow, second by Trustee Katie Kress to adjourn the Committee of the Whole meeting. 

  Vote: 7 - 0 Motion Carried
  The Committee of the Whole adjourned at 8:21 p.m.
   Minutes transcribed by Janice Moyer, Village Clerk & Treasurer
Minutes approved on November 6, 2017


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