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Meeting Date: 10/02/2017  
Topic:    Resolution for a Relocation Order for the Reconstruction of Lilly Road Project No. 63202 between Silver Spring Dr & Mill Rd
From: Tom Hoffman
Department: Engineering Services  
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Consideration of a Resolution regarding the Relocation Order for the Reconstruction of Lilly Road between Silver Spring Dr & Mill Rd. Project No. 63202.
Background Information:
The Lilly Road Project from Silver Spring to Mill Road consists of the construction of a divided roadway section from the railroad tracks to approximately 300 feet north of Manhardt Drive for the turning movements into Bobolink Avenue and Manhardt Drive.  A traffic signal is also being installed at Lilly Road and Manhardt Drive for the traffic turning from Manhardt to Lilly Road and a right turn lane being added on Bobolink Avenue at Lilly Road. 
With the construction of a median with turn lanes and the addition of the right turn lane at the intersection of Bobolink there is a need to acquire a small amount of right-of-way and some easements.  This resolution is the declaration of the Village's intent to acquire the right of way and easements and is the first step in the process. Without it we are not able to do the appraisals to establish values and begin the negotiations.  This is in accordance with the Wisconsin State Statues.
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Exhibit - W140N5985 Lilly Rd - 0101009
Exhibit - W140N5959 Lilly Rd - 0101008
Exhibit - N59W14053 Lilly Rd - 0101040
Exhibit - W140N5998 Lilly Rd - 0099999005
Exhibit - W140N5881 Lilly Rd - 0104999
Exhibit - W140N5859 Lilly Rd - 0104998
Exhibit - W140N5970 Lilly Rd - 0099999002


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