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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Janet Dake, Peggy Haas, Jenna Merten, Kathleen Lysaght, Paul Tadda, Carole Knobil, Corey Golla
Staff Present:
Karol Kennedy, Ellen Rohr

   1. Call to Order at 6:05 PM by President Lysaght.
   2. Consent Agenda: Motion by Jenna Merton, Second by Peggy Haas to approve the consent agenda items as presented.
   a. 2017 December Library Regular Board Minutes
   b. 2017 December Expenditures totaling $171,695.22

  Vote: 7 - 0
   3. New Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval:
   a. 2018 Library Legislative Day - Kennedy informed the board of Library Legislative day coming up February 20. If any board member is interested in going, please let Kennedy know.
   b. Meeting Room Policy Update - A review of the Meeting Room Policy was made.  Some redundant wording was eliminated.  Groups are now allowed to bring their own AV equipment into the Youth Program Room.
  Motion by School District Representative Corey Golla, second by Trustee Paul Tadda to approve the policy. Approved.

  Vote: 7 - 0
   c. Circulation Policy Update - Through their account in Cafe, patrons may now pay for library fines with a credit card.  The limit for ecommerce transactions is $5.  Because patrons were blocked at $2, Kennedy recommended we raise the block limit to $5 to allow patrons to unblock their account by paying by credit card.
  Motion by Member Janet Dake, second by Member Jenna Merten to approve the change in the Circulation Policy.  Approved.

  Vote: 7 - 0
   d. Library Space Consultation Process- The strategic plan focuses on 3 initiative areas. One of the initiatives is Facilities and Space. Kennedy requested and received permission to pursue efforts to have a Library Space Consultation conducted. She will consult with Mark Fitzgerald regarding the avenues he recommends.
   e. Materials Budget Allocations - Kennedy informed the board that we evaluated the 2017 library materials spending and 2018 collection development goals and will be changing the amount allocated to the Adult, Young Adult and Child accounts. No vote is needed since the overall amount will remain the same.
   4. Unfinished Business - Items for Discussion/Action/Possible Approval:
   a. LED Lighting Update - Kennedy reported that the cost of the LED lighting fit within the 221 portion of the budget. No further funds were needed from the fund balance. Also the Vendor handled the rebate, we were charged for only the cost of materials after the rebate. Building maintenance finished the first floor installation before January 1 and is now working on the second floor. The office areas will be completed last.
   5. Trustee Education: Chapter 10 - Developing Essential Library Policies - Kennedy discussed Chapter 10 and the importance of reviewing policies on a regular basis.
   6. President's Report: President Lysaght reminded everyone that tomorrow is movie night. They should bring their popcorn and come to the Library where it is warm.
   7. Budget and Personnel Committee Report:
   a. Library Director Annual Review Process and Timeline - Evaluation forms will be distributed to library board members and Kennedy's direct reports. She will allow a couple of weeks for people to fill out the evaluations. Dake will then collate the results with a formal review held in April. Rohr will email the form out to all board members this week to allow time to review the questions and request any changes. In March, Kennedy will give the board a State of Library Report.
   b. Staffing Update: Kennedy reported that we are currently hiring 2 Page I and 1 Page 2. The board had a brief discussion about the avenues for distribution of job postings. Interviews have been scheduled for the open Library Assistant Position.
   8. Planning Committee Report: Kennedy passed out a sheet showing the 2018 Focus areas from the Strategic Plan.
   a. 2018 Activities (KENNEDY)
   9. Directors Report: Kennedy discussed the success of the Memory Cafe. She also informed the board on the location of billboards for the Library Transformed Project.
   10. Correspondence:Kennedy reported that the library has made the local newspapers quite frequently over the past weeks. She shared the articles.

The staff was informed that a former library staff member Gary Finch passed away recently. Gary was a talented employee and for many years taught technology classes.
   11. Trustee's Report: Trustee Tadda reported on recent happenings at the latest board meeting. There was a brief discussion about the Community Collective Impact Program.
   12. Friends' Report: No meeting in December or January.
   13. Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Library Board Room
   14. Topics for next meeting agenda - Annual Report Approval
   15. Adjournment
  Motion by Member Peggy Haas, second by Member Janet Dake to adjorn at 7:20 PM.  Approved.

  Vote: 7 - 0
Minutes transcribed by Ellen M Rohr, Business Manager
Minutes approved on February 21, 2018.


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