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Meeting Date: 05/20/2019  
Topic:    Award of Contract for 2019 Curb and Gutter Replacement Program, Project No. 41214
From: Tom Hoffman
Department: Engineering Services  
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Award of Contract for 2019 Curb and Gutter Replacement Program, Project No. 41214.
Background Information:
Bids for the 2019 Curb & Gutter Program were let on April 17, 2019 and were opened on April 17, 2019 with one contractor submitting a bid. This project consists of adjusting or reconstructing existing catch basins along with the replacement of defective curb & gutter at various locations in the Village prior to the annual Asphalt Paving Program.  This is an ongoing program that repairs catch basins and replaces defective, deteriorated and sunken curb and gutter so that surface water will flow as it should, and not pond and percolate into the roadway subgrade and base materials resulting in premature and more extensive deterioration of the roadway pavement.  A copy of the bid tabulation is attached.
Key Issues for Consideration:
In reviewing the project there are two key issues to consider. The first being that only one contractor submitted a bid on this project. Staff has reviewed the unit prices and they are reasonable based upon the prices we have been receiving this year over last years numbers.  Secondly this project is different from the project the Village recently rejected for having only one bidder.  This project is a unit item bid that is right at the amount of money budgeted and we can reduce the amount of lineal feet of curb or square yard of concrete pavement that we remove to lower the costs.  The other project was quite a bit over budget and with it being a reconstruct there is not the same opportunity to reduce footages to bring within budget.
Secondly regarding the cost, the $216,590.00 that was bid breaks down into $16,500 for the concrete repair of water main break areas that will be paid by the Water Utility and $200,090 that will come from the 2019 Capital Budget.  The amount budgeted for this project as part of the 2019 Capital Budget was $200,000.  In reviewing the bid it was discovered that there is a duplicate bid item for Concrete Testing in the amount of $3,500 that will not be used on the project and there is $30,750 in possible driveway approach special assessments.  The Village as part of this program offers to replace a property owners deteriorated concrete approach and special assess the amount.  Last year 6 property owners took advantage of this for $10,609.24.  With what I have mentioned above and by not removing as much curb & gutter or concrete pavement we will be able to bring the project in under amount budgeted.
Action By Committee or Village Board:
Approve the award of Contract for the 2019 Curb and Gutter Replacement Program, Project No. 41214 to Stark Pavement Corporation in the amount of $216,590.00.

2019 Curb and Gutter Bid Tabulation


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