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  City Manager's Report   6.A.       
Meeting Date: 05/13/2019  

Agenda Item:
Resolutions declaring Hoffman Road to be an urban district and that the speed limit be posted at 30 mph from Victory Drive to Trunk Highway 22.
Adoption of the attached resolutions.
The City of Mankato has received the local street or highway speed limit authorization form signed by the Commissioner of Transportation approving a 40 mile per hour speed limit on Hoffman Road in September of 2011. As a part of the speed study that was performed, prior implementing the speed limit change, it was recommended that a pedestrian crossing be installed to facilitate crossings to East High School and Middle School.  In 2013 a sidewalk as installed along the south side of Hoffman Road to connect Glen Ellen Drive and Diamond Creek Road and a pedestrian signal at the mid-point of the block. The recommendation of the speed limit change was continued to be delayed to allow for monitoring of the crossing and ensuring that the improvement was function properly. The typical time period for this type of evaluation is between one and two years. 
As the evaluation period came to a close another major change to the traffic along Hoffman Road was occurring. This was due to moving the Middle School from its location at East High to the current location on Prairie Winds Drive. This project included extending Hoffman Road east of TH 22 to Prairie Winds Drive. This portion of the road is an urban area with a 30 mph speed limit.  Following the construction of Prairie Winds Drive, Hoffman Road was again extended east to CASH 12. This section is also 30 mph. 
The corridor currently has variable speed limits all within an urban zone that causes motorists and pedestrian confusion, and has resulted in a number of customer service requests. Hoffman Road is 30 mph from Victory Drive to Thomas Park Court, 45 mph from Thomas Park Court to TH 22, and then 30 mph from TH 22 to CSAH 12. In order to provide consistency which aide in compliance and increase safety along the corridor Public Works – Engineering personnel are recommending that this speed limit authorization not be implemented and the road be declared an urban district and the speed limit set at 30 mph. It is also recommended that the current School Zone between Diamond Creek Road and Thomas Drive remain. 
The basis of this recommendation is that Hoffman Road lies within the municipal limits of the City of Mankato in an urban district as defined by Minnesota Statutes 169.011 Subdivision 90, which states the following:

"Urban district" means the territory contiguous to and including any city street or town road that is built up with structures devoted to business, industry, or dwelling houses situated at intervals of less than 100 feet for a distance of a quarter of a mile or more."

Additionally Minnesota Statutes 169.14 Subdivision 5b states the following regarding segments within urban districts:

When any segment of at least a quarter-mile in distance of any city street, municipal state-aid street, or town road on which a speed limit in excess of 30 miles per hour has been established pursuant to an engineering and traffic investigation by the commissioner meets the definition of "urban district" as defined in section 169.011, subdivision 90, the governing body of the city or town may by resolution declare the segment to be an urban district and may establish on the segment the speed limit for urban districts prescribed in subdivision 2. The speed limit so established shall be effective upon the erection of appropriate signs designating the speed and indicating the beginning and end of the segment on which the speed limit is established, and any speed in excess of such posted limits shall be unlawful. A copy of the resolution shall be transmitted to the commissioner at least ten days prior to the erection of the signs.

In summary, it is recommended that the council reject the Commissioner's speed limit authorization and approving a resolution declaring Hoffman Road from Victory Drive to TH 22 an urban district and set the speed limit to 30 miles per hour.
Resolution declaring
Resolution - Traffic Control


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