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  Public Hearings   5.A.       
City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 05/13/2019  

Agenda Item:
Resolutions amending Land Use Plan and approving Planned Unit Development and ordinance rezoning of Lot 1, Block 1, ISD 77 Subdivision from R-1, One-Family Dwelling District to R-2, One- and Two-Family Dwelling District; by request of Joseph Development.
At their March 27, 2019 meeting, the Planning Commission recommended adoption of the attached resolutions and ordinance. 
The applicant is proposing a land use plan amendment to change the classification from Low Density Residential to Medium Density Residential, to rezone the property from R-1, One-Family Dwelling District to R-2, One- and Two-Family Dwelling District; and for a planned unit development to allow a 51 unit apartment complex in the R-2, One- and Two-Family Dwelling District.
The site plan shows the proposed building situated along Timberwolf Drive. Access to the site would be via Heron Drive. The site plan was revised to shift the driveway to the south aligning the access point with the platted access point to the west within the Timberwolf Townhomes subdivision. The site plan shows a sidewalk connection to the building from Timberwolf Drive. A playground is proposed to the east of the building. The southwestern portion of the property will be left as green space. Bicycle parking is proposed to the north of the building. A minimum of six bicycle parking stalls shall be provided on the property (5% of the off-street parking stalls provided). The property provides 54 off-street parking stalls on the north side of the building at grade and 58 parking stalls in underground garage below the building. The apartment building is required to provide 102 off-street parking stalls, 112 off-street parking stalls are provided.

The Land Use Plan outlines the number of dwelling units that are allowed per acre. The applicant is proposing to amend the Land Use Plan to classify the property as medium density residential which allows for 7-10 dwelling units per acre. In the R-2 zoning district 8,000 square feet of land is required for two dwelling units, this criteria was followed for the approval of Wings Over White Oak planned unit development to allow for clustering of the density. When applying this criteria to the subject property, the 4.85 acre lot would allow for 52 dwelling units; the applicant is proposing 51 dwelling units.
The applicant is requesting a planned unit development to cluster the dwelling units into one building on the property. The terms of a planned unit development requires that the proposal provide a public benefit. The applicant will be providing for a variety of housing types. The units proposed for construction will be affordable units. The planned unit development allows for flexibility with the zoning district standards, of which includes building height. The building is proposed to be three-stories and 40 feet in height. The maximum height in the R-2, One and Two Family Dwelling District is 35 feet. The building design has a hipped roof which lends to a higher building height, but also provides a more residential feel to the design compared to having a flat roof. Exterior elevations on the building show treatments of brick, stone, and vertical vinyl siding.

The applicant is proposing a combination of one, two, and three-bedroom units. There are 12, one-bedroom units; 24, two-bedroom units; and 15, three-bedroom units proposed, for a total of 51 dwelling units in the building. The building also includes offices, a fitness room, storage areas, trash/recycling, and a community room.
The applicant has met with the neighborhood to discuss the proposed development. Based on feedback received from the neighborhood, the access to the property is provided via Heron Drive; an access point was originally shown on Timberwolf Drive.
Resolution amending Land Use Plan
Ordinance rezoning
Resolution approving Planned Unit Development
General Location Map
Site Plan
Landscaping Plan
Grading Plan
Floor Plans
Exterior Building Elevations

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