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Meeting Date: 07/06/2021  
Submitted by: Nancy Greer, Clerk of Council

Public Property Director Garcia's submission of the Gardiner energy savings report from April 2021.  Attached is a report from Gardiner showing the costs savings we have occurred through our shared savings program with them.  If you look at pg. 5 of the report it shows all the energy conservation measures that have been implemented since May of 2017.  In doing these measures (upgrades to the HVAC system) the City has saved $342,687 dollars on our electric and natural gas.  The City did not need to take a loan out or put any money upfront for these savings.  The first two years of the program Gardiner received 80% of the savings and the last two years they have received 50% of the savings.  There is one more year left to the plan.  
 If you look at pg. 5, additional recommendations, this list other measures we can take for additionally savings.  In order to do those we would extend the Shared Savings agreement.  Gardiner is going to provide a cost analysis of what the savings will be and provide it to the City.
Many of these upgrades are things that Leopardo group talked about at a work session a week or so ago.  They are stating the City would have to borrow millions of dollars to get some of these actions completed.  You can clearly see that this department has been working diligently for the last 4-5 years to do upgrades and save money for the City without spending millions.  I would like to also caution the administration that there are a few contracts and agreements already in place with vendors that we would not want to overlap with other contracts and cause a conflict of interest.
If you need any additional information I would be glad to provide.
Thank you,
Lori R Garcia
Director, Dept. of Public Property

Administration only
Public Properties Director L. Garcia's resubmission of the Gardiner energy savings report from April 2021, detailing the cost savings that have occurred through the shared savings program and measures implemented May 2017 of $342,687.
Energy Report

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Final Approval Date: 06/25/2021


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