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Jim Morrison, CPA, Chairman
Matthew Warren, CPA
                                                                         Commissioner Hugh Nystrom
  Commissioner Randy Smith
  Commissioner John Schoonmaker


                                                      Monday, April 22, 2019 @ 1:30 p.m.
                                                                    Main Assembly
                                                                City County Building
1.   Call to Order (Morrison)
2.   Roll call (Kim or Angie)
3.   Pledge of allegiance (Commissioner Smith)
4.   Approval of minutes of the previous meeting (Morrison)
5.   External Auditor Update (Ted Hotz)
6.   Review Interim Report (budget to actual) (Chris Caldwell)
7.   Internal Audit Update (Andrea Addis)
    i.  Hotline update
   ii.  Completed projects
  iii.  Current projects
  iv.  Upcoming audits
   v.  Discussion of Hot Line Contract renewal/extension and Audit Software
8.   Other business and public forum
9.   Date for next meeting (All)
10.   Consideration of confidential, nonpublic executive session under TN Code 9-3-405, subdivision (d)(3) Pending or ongoing audits or audit related investigations.
11.   Adjournment
                         NOTE: ALL AGENDA ITEMS SUBJECT TO VOTE

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