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Meeting Date: 01/20/2022  
Submitted By: Olga Chernomorets, Development Services

Agenda Item
PRELIMINARY PLAT/Lakeside Shops and Business Park (PP-21-07426) Presentation, discussion, and consideration on a request for approval of a Preliminary Plat for Lakeside Shops and Business Park, establishing Block A, Lots 1 and 2, on approximately 5.006 acres, situated in the David M. Cule Survey, Abstract No. 226, within Little Elm's Town limits.
  • Staff Report
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  • Discussion and Recommendation
Generally located on the north side of Old State Highway 24, approximately 300 feet east of FM 720 and 300 feet from West Eldorado Parkway, within Little Elm Town limits. 
Planning Analysis
This is a Preliminary Plat for Lakeside Shops and Business Park. The Preliminary Plat establishes two lots of record from two existing tracts of land, and dedicates easements necessary for site development.

The purpose of the Preliminary Plat is to determine the general layout of the lots and blocks of a proposed subdivision to determine the adequacy of public facilities needed to serve the intended development and overall compliance with the Codes of Little Elm, including but not limited to the Zoning Ordinance, Thoroughfare Plan, and Comprehensive Plan.

The plat has been rejected for engineering review at this time for the following reason: outstanding engineering and fire comments, necessary for review and determination of compliance with Section 107 - Subdivision Ordinance, have not been addressed.
Recommended Action
Staff recommends denial of the submitted Preliminary Plat due to missing information on the plat document, necessary for review and determination of compliance with standards in Section 107 - Subdivision Ordinance. Outstanding comments include the following: 
  1. Per PP Checklist, provide a preliminary drainage plan. 
  2. Per PP Checklist, provide a preliminary utility plan. 
  3. Per PP Checklist, provide a traffic impact checklist. Please note that a traffic impact analysis will be required. 
  4. To ensure fire lane compliance, need to identify where future buildings will be placed on the back lot. 
  5. Combined acreage of the two existing tracts of land, as provided on the tax certificates, does not total 5.006 acres.
  6. Provide Existing zoning of the subject property and adjacent lots.
Plat Document


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