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Meeting Date: 01/18/2022  

Consider Action to Approve Ordinance No. 1655 Altering the Prima Facie Speed Limits Established for Vehicles Under the Provisions of Transportation Code, Section 545.356 upon U.S. Highway 380 or Parts Thereof, Within the Incorporated Limits of the Town of Little Elm; Repealing All Ordinances in Conflict Herewith; Providing a Penalty of a Fine Not to Exceed $200.00 for the Violation Thereof; Providing a Severability Clause; and Providing for Publication and Effective Date.
The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is preparing to begin a project to construct improvements to US 380. The project will include expanding the highway to six lanes (three lanes in each direction with a divided median), as well as installing grade separations (overpasses) at specific intersections along the corridor.
TxDOT has conducted a review of the current speed limit along the roadway, and requested it be temporarily reduced from 60 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour during the construction process. In order to enforce the new speed limit, an ordinance must be passed.
There is no direct budget impact for this item.
Staff recommends approval.
Ordinance 1655
Exhibit A - TxDOT Speed Zone Request


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