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Meeting Date: 01/20/2022  
Submitted By: Olga Chernomorets, Development Services

Agenda Item
PUBLIC HEARING/ Providence Commons PD (PD-21-05005). Public hearing, discussion, and take action on a recommendation regarding a request to rezone approximately 9.8 acres of land, in order to establish a new Planned Development district based on Single Family 4 (SF-4) with modified development standards, to allow the development of a new single family residential subdivision.
  • Staff Report/Applicant Presentation
  • Open Public Hearing
  • Receive Public Comment
  • Close Public Hearing
  • Discussion and Recommendation

Generally located south of Fishtrap Road and west of FM 2931 (Main Street) at the western end of Cherokee Oaks Road, within Little Elm’s town limits.
Planning Analysis
Background. The subject property is located north of Highway 380, directly adjacent to the Town of Providence Village. The original property actually consists of 10.317, but the rezoning request only encompasses 9.8 acres, developed with a single-family residential structure, currently zoned as Agricultural (AG) district. The 9.8 acres are situated approximately 800 feet west of FM 2931, with the remainder of the acreage consisting of an existing gravel driveway access from FM 2931, which is not part of this rezoning request. The subject property is surrounded by single family development to the east and south, known as Hillstone Pointe, consisting of 40- and 50-foot lots, and two existing single family lots to the west, currently zoned as AG.

The applicant, RPM Construction, is proposing to create a mixed use community called Providence Commons consisting of a total of five phases, of single-family homes, townhomes, and commercial/retail uses. The majority of the proposed community would be located within the Town of Providence Village, with just Phase 5, 9.8 acres, located within the Town of Little Elm limits. The applicant is anticipating presenting their proposal to the Providence Village Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council on December 21st.

The applicant is proposing to develop a 45-lot single-family, Cape Cod style residential development, intended as Phase 5 of the overall Providence Commons community. The propose development standards do not perfectly fit into any of the Town's existing zoning districts, therefore, the applicant is requesting a Planned Development (PD) district, based on the existing Single-Family 4 (SF4) zoning district with modified development standards in order to allow for this type of residential development product.

Proposal. The proposed project consists of 45 owner-occupied single family residential dwelling units with an amenitized open space on the north portion and a landscaped open space on the southeast corner.

The applicant is proposing Single-Family 4 (SF4) as the base zoning district, with modified development standards as outlined in the following sections. The new Planned Development (PD) district includes development plans and multiple exhibits that will be incorporated into the PD as part of the overall requirements.

Uses. Proposed permitted uses will include the uses currently allowed under SF-4 zoning, primarily single-family detached homes.

Area Requirements. The applicant is requesting the following setback and area requirements:
Maximum Height 35 feet
Minimum Front Yard Setback 20 feet, instead of 25 feet
Minimum Side Yard Setback 5 feet, instead of 6 feet
Minimum Side Yard Setback on Corner lots 10 feet, instead of– 28 feet
Minimum Rear Yard Setback 20 feet
Minimum Lot Width 50 feet, instead of 60 feet
Minimum Lot Depth 110 feet
Minimum Lot Area 5,000 square feet, instead of 6,000 square feet
Minimum number of garage spaces 2
Minimum Lot Coverage 51%
Minimum Living floor area 2,000 square feet, instead of 1, 200 square feet

Design Standards. The minimum design elements listed in Section 106.06.03 Architectural Standards for Residential Structures will apply unless stated otherwise or shown in the PD exhibits. Some of the major design standards are proposed as follow:
Exterior materials and design. Homes shall maintain a Cape Cod style, buildings of simple design, using wood siding or simulated materials, incorporating wide overhangs, porches, and tall windows.
Elevation repetition. Each unique house elevation and color shall not be repeated on the lot most directly across the street or diagonal, nor shall it be repeated on three lots in either direction on the same side of the street.
Gifts to the Street. All homes shall include at least six of the architectural design features listed in Section 106.06.03(c).
Landscaping and Screening.  The proposed PD will follow all landscape requirements per Sections 106.06.11 – 106.06.16 of the Code of Ordinances for residential landscape requirements for a single-family development. Residential lots adjacent to open space or park land shall have wrought iron fencing with a living screen on the open space side. All residential fences shall be board construction to conform to Section 106.06.32 (Residential Fences) of the Zoning Ordinance. Interior portions of fences (alongside and rear yards) shall be board on board construction.     

Parking.  Each dwelling unit shall have two parking spaces within the garage, as well as two parking spaces in the driveway.

Streets and Access. The proposed development plan shows a 50-foot Right of Way dedication inclusive of 5-foot sidewalks throughout the development on both sides of the street.

Open Space. The minimum required designated open space area shall be ten percent (10%) of the gross land area, totaling 3.68 acres. Open space is required to be landscaped, with at least 5 large trees per acre, irrigated, and amenitized on at least three sides.

Comprehensive Plan. The future land use of this area is identified as residential. The proposed residential development aligns with the Town's vision for future land use of this area.

On December 16, 2021, the Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing and tabled this item due to concerns over access and drainage, as well as the Town of Providence Village not having yet held their public hearing. On December 21, 2021, the Town of Providence Village Planning and Zoning Commission approved the item, however, the Town Council voted to table the item until January 18, 2022. The item was ultimately approved by the Town of Providence Village Town Council on January 4, 2022, however, the property owner would like to explore other potential development options on the property located within the Town of Little Elm. Staff and the property owner's representatives met on January 11, 2022 to discuss alternate solutions, and the property owner has requested additional time to consider his options. 
Recommended Action
At this time Staff and the applicant request the item be tabled until February 3rd.
Location Map
PD Exhibits


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