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Meeting Date: 01/20/2022  
Submitted By: Olga Chernomorets, Development Services

Agenda Item
PRELIMINARY PLAT/Royal Court Addition (PP-21-07102). Presentation, discussion, and consideration on a request for approval of a Preliminary Plat for Royal Court Addition, establishing 47 residential lots and 5 common area lots on approximately 8.52 acres, situated in the H. Kendall Survey, Abstract No. 713, within Little Elm's Town limits.
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Generally located on the southeast corner of the intersection of King Road and Witt Road, within Little Elm’s town limits.
Planning Analysis
This is a Preliminary Plat for Royal Court Addition, part of the single-family residential development recently approved as the Kings Cove Planned Development. The Preliminary Plat identifies the layout of the proposed residential development, with 47 residential lots and 5 common area lots on approximately 8.52 acres, dedicates 1.865 acres of right-of-way, setbacks, and associated easements necessary for development.

The purpose of the Preliminary Plat is to determine the general layout of the lots and blocks of a proposed subdivision to determine the adequacy of public facilities needed to serve the intended development and overall compliance with the Codes of Little Elm, including but not limited to the Zoning Ordinance, Thoroughfare Plan, and Comprehensive Plan.

Staff has reviewed the submitted plat documents and found it to be in compliance with most of the requirements of Section 107 - Subdivision Ordinance as well as Planned Development Ordinance No. 1642. The outstanding items have been determined to be minor enough to be included as conditions.
Recommended Action
Staff recommends approval of the submitted Preliminary Plat with the following conditions:

Prior to recording the plat:
  1. Date of the plat must reflect the most recent, fully written out date of approved revisions.
  2. Signature block should state Town Official instead of Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman.
  3. Plat Title must include the total number of residential lots, common area lots, and proposed right of way acreage dedication.
  4. Drainage calculations identify 24.06 CFS; it's unclear as to where this number comes from. Provide clear documentation and references to the appropriate areas considered in calculation when submit for SDV permit.
  5. Include appropriate and detailed calculations, including but not limited to, where the subdivision drainage systems tie into existing storm sewer, capacity of the overall system, and for the proposed detention pond.
  6. Is there a specific reason the construction entrance/exist is placed here? Consider placing it in the future entrance to the subdivision.
Plat Document


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