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Meeting Date: 01/20/2022  
Submitted By: Olga Chernomorets, Development Services

Agenda Item
PUBLIC HEARING/ Eldorado Bend Planned Development (PD-21-03453). Public hearing, discussion, and take action on a recommendation regarding a request to rezone approximately 5.79 acres of land, generally located at 1816 W Eldorado Parkway, in order to establish a new Planned Development district, to allow the development of a new single family residential subdivision.
  • Staff Report/Applicant Presentation
  • Open Public Hearing
  • Receive Public Comment
  • Close Public Hearing
  • Discussion and Recommendation
Generally located approximately 1,000 feet southwest of Oak Grove Parkway, within Little Elm’s town limits.
Planning Analysis
Background. Subject property is a vacant undeveloped lot totaling 5.79 acres, currently zoned as Single Family A1. The subject property is located on the west side of Town and is bound by Eldorado Parkway to the north and single family residential to the east and south. 

Recently, the Town has undergone a West Side Study that specifically identified the vision for this area as low density single-family residential uses. This is the second application for residential development post the study's findings, to be evaluated by the Administration for suitability within the West Side Study context.

On October 7, 2021 the applicant, Barbee Enterprises Inc., presented a request for rezoning to a Planned Development (PD) district, based on the existing Single-Family 4 (SF4) zoning district with modified development standards, for the purposes of developing a 28-lot single-family, residential development. While the proposed request was for higher density than the existing zoning district allowed, it complied with the envisioned three to six dwelling units per acre density identified within the West Side Study. During the public hearing, the Planning and Zoning Commission deliberated the request and determined that the proposed density was not appropriate within the context of the adjacent residential neighborhood. The applicant subsequently met with the representatives fo the adjacent neighborhood in an effort to address their concerns, and has revised the request accordingly. 

At this time, the applicant is requesting a Planned Development (PD) district, based on the existing Single-Family 4 (SF4) zoning district with modified development standards, for the purposes of developing a 25-lot single-family, residential development with a mix of lot sizes.

Proposal. The proposed project consists of 25 owner-occupied single family residential dwelling units with a centrally located amenity open space, as well as a detention pond in the southeast corner of the development proposed as an open space with amenities. The proposed residential density is now 4.3 units per gross acre (du/ac).

The applicant is proposing Single-Family 4 (SF4) as the base zoning district, with modified development standards as outlined in the following sections. The new Planned Development (PD) district includes development plans and multiple exhibits that will be incorporated into the PD as part of the overall requirements.

Uses. Proposed permitted uses will include the uses currently allowed under SF-4 zoning, primarily single family detached homes.

Area Requirements. The applicant is requesting the following setback and area requirements waivers:
Minimum Front Yard Setback for Lots 1-22, 20 feet instead of 25 feet, and Lots 23-25, 15 feet.
Minimum Side Yard Setback 5 feet instead of 6 feet
Minimum Side Yard Setback on Corner lots 5 feet, instead of 28 feet
Minimum Rear Yard Setback 15 feet instead of 20 feet
Minimum Lot Width for Lots 2, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, 50 feet instead of 60 feet, and for Lots 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15, 55 feet. The rest of the lost are proposed at 60-foot in width.
Minimum Lot Area 4,202 square feet instead of 6,000 square feet (on just one lot), six lots ranging between 4,200 square feet and 5,700 square feet, and the rest of the lots ranging from 6,000 square feet to 9,200 square feet.
Design Standards. The minimum design elements listed in Section 106.06.03 Architectural Standards for Residential Structures will apply unless stated otherwise or shown in the PD exhibits. Some of the major design standards are proposed as follow:
Minimum masonry requirement. The front facing exterior facades of the main building or structure shall be constructed of 100 percent masonry material that is comprised of brick, stone, cast stone, or a combination thereof. On houses exceeding one story, up to 15 percent of the second story front facade may be comprised of siding. The overall minimum masonry content of all facades shall be 85 percent. Stucco may be used as a design feature with no more than 15 percent of any façade other than those facing a right-of-way being made up of this material. Other materials of equal or similar characteristics may be allowed at the discretion of the director.

Doors. Garage doors shall be of carriage style and consist of stained cedar, redwood, spruce, fir, or other hardwood.

Elevation repetition. Each unique house elevation and brick color shall not be repeated on the lot most directly across the street, nor shall it be repeated on three lots in either direction on the same side of the street.

Gifts to the Street. All homes shall include at least four (4) of the architectural design features listed in Section 106.06.03(c). Decorative driveway paving (e.g. salt finish, exposed aggregate, or other treatments approved by the Town’s building official) is required for all homes. All front yard landscape beds and side yard landscape beds shall be enclosed by masonry edging comprised of brick and/or stone. No less than 25 percent of homes shall have a covered front patio.
Landscaping and Screening.  The proposed PD will follow all landscape requirements per Sections 106.06.11 – 106.06.16 of the Code of Ordinances for residential landscape requirements for a single-family development. A solid eight-foot masonry wall, constructed of laid in place stone, rock, brick, or monolithic concrete panels, will be located adjacent to Eldorado Parkway, with eight-foot board-on-board fencing surrounding the remainder of the development.
Parking.  Each dwelling unit shall have two parking spaces within the garage, as well as two parking spaces in the driveway.

Streets and Access. The proposed development plan shows a 50-foot Right of Way dedication inclusive of sidewalks throughout the development on both sides of the street, connecting to Eldorado Parkway.

Open Space. The minimum required designated open space area shall be ten percent (10%) of the gross land area. The PD language provides requirements for amenities to be located within the proposed open space. All dedicated open space and screening walls will be maintained by the Homeowners Association (HOA).

Comprehensive Plan. The future land use of this area is identified as residential and the recent West Side Study identified this area as low density neighborhood residential, ranging between three and six units per acre. The proposed residential development aligns with the Town's vision for future land use of this area and the proposed density of 4.3 units per acre complies with the maximum density identified in the West Side Study.
Recommended Action
Staff recommends that the Planning and Zoning Commission evaluate the new request based on:
  • impact and suitability of the proposed development within the context of the existing area
  • importance of the development standards from which the property is requesting to vary
  • how the proposed development benefits the Town overall
  • Town's vision for this area, as outlined by the Town's Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Plan, and the recently completed West Side Study
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