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Meeting Date: 01/20/2022  
Submitted By: Olga Chernomorets, Development Services

Agenda Item
PUBLIC HEARING/Spiritas East (PD-21-07137). Public hearing, discussion, and take action on a recommendation regarding a request to rezone approximately 38.468 acres of land, generally located south of East University Drive (US 380), approximately 2,500 feet east of Providence Boulevard, in order to establish a new Planned Development district, to allow the development of a new single family residential subdivision in connection with the Spiritas Ranch Planned Development.
  • Staff Report/Applicant Presentation
  • Open Public Hearing
  • Receive Public Comment
  • Close Public Hearing
  • Discussion and Recommendation 
Generally located south of East University Drive (US 380), approximately 2,500 feet east of Providence Boulevard, within Little Elm’s town limits.
Planning Analysis
Background. Subject property is a vacant undeveloped land totaling 38.468 acres, currently zoned as Agriculture (AG). The subject property is located on the south side of US Highway 380 adjacent to Spiritas Ranch master planned development. 

Recently, the Town approved a new master planned community with single-family residential, as well as public and retail uses, known as Spiritas Ranch. The proposed Spiritas East Planned Development is an extension to the existing PD, with a mix of 40-foot wide, 50-foot wide, and a courtyard single-family residential product. In 2021, the Town and property owner executed a developers' agreement with development standards.

At this time, the applicant is bringing forward the rezoning request for approval of a new Planned Development (PD) district that would incorporate the development plans and development standards established by the developers' agreement for the residential component. The new PD would allow for the development of the Spiritas East, an extension of the Spiritas Ranch community, consisting of 146 single-family dwelling units.

The applicant is proposing to utilize the existing Single Family 4 (SF4) as the base zoning district to create three types of residential subdistricts, with modified development standards as outlined in the following sections. The new Planned Development district includes a concept plan identifying locations for the various lot designations that will be incorporated into the PD as part of the overall requirements.  

Proposal. The proposed project consists of 25 owner-occupied single family residential dwelling units with a centrally located amenity open space, as well as a detention pond in the southeast corner of the development proposed as an open space with amenities. The proposed residential density is now 4.3 units per gross acre (du/ac).

The applicant is proposing Single-Family 4 (SF4) as the base zoning district, with modified development standards as outlined in the following sections. The new Planned Development (PD) district includes development plans and multiple exhibits that will be incorporated into the PD as part of the overall requirements.

Uses. The uses within the new PD are proposed to comply with uses permitted for SF-4 Single-Family district, with the additional accessory uses such as model homes, temporary offices, temporary asphalt and concrete batch plants, temporary construction yard, and concrete washouts.

Area Requirements. SF-4A lots are proposed at 40’ feet minimum width and lot area of at least 4,500 square feet. SF-4B lots are proposed at 50’ feet minimum width and lot area of at least 5,650 square feet. SF-4C lots are proposed at 40’ feet minimum width and lot area of at least 5,000 square feet. Additional setback, living area, lot coverage, and garage regulations as listed and shown in the PD exhibits.

Design Standards. Standards as listed below and shown in the PD exhibits.

Exterior Materials. Front facing exterior facades of the main building or structure shall be constructed of 100% masonry, comprised of brick, stone, cast stone. Minimum masonry of all facades shall be 85%. Stucco or other cementitious materials such as hardie board may be used as a secondary design feature with no more than 15 percent of any facade other than those facing a right-of-way being made up of this material. The PD allows special exceptions to increased stucco and hardie board percentages for specific design, at the discretion of the Director of Development Services.

Elevation Repetition. Each unique house elevation shall not be repeated on the lot most directly across the street, nor shall it be repeated on four lots in either direction on the same side of the street. 

Doors. Garage doors and front entry doors visible from the right-of-way shall consist of stained cedar, redwood, spruce, fir or other hardwood, or other products, including products that are not wood but have a wood appearance, including fiberglass, aluminum/ metal or hardie and approved by the director. 

Gifts to the Street. All buildings shall include decorative driveway paving and at least three of the listed design features.

Landscaping. The PD establishes trails requirements, tree requirements, and retention/detention pond design criteria as shown in the PD exhibits.

Parks and Open Space. The PD establishes a 1.1 acre park on the northeast corner of the development and .3 acres of open space, with an eight-foot trail connecting the park to the Spiritas Ranch tral as shown in the PD exhibits.
The PD establishes street categories and associated standards for each type of street as shown in the PD exhibits. 

General. The PD establishes general subdivision policies specific to the subdivision as well as engineering design standards as shown in the PD exhibits. 

Comprehensive Plan. The future land use of this area is identified as Commercial/Retail, however the Town's Zoning Ordinance allows for consideration of a Planned Development district within any zoning district category.

Recommended Action
Staff recommends that the Planning and Zoning Commission evaluate the new request based on:
  • impact and suitability of the proposed development within the context of the existing area
  • importance of the development standards from which the property is requesting to vary
  • how the proposed development benefits the Town overall
  • Town's vision for this area, as outlined by the Town's Comprehensive Plan
Staff recommends approval of the request as proposed, subject to no conditions. 
Location Map
PD Exhibits


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