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AI-691 6.F.       
Meeting Date: 01/18/2022  

Consider Action to Approve an Interlocal Agreement with the North Central Texas Council of Government for a Solid Waste Project.
The Town of Little Elm’s existing efforts to prevent litter and collect trash at local parks and Lewisville Lake are insufficient to meet the need, which has surged exponentially as the population has grown by over 21,000 since 2010. With 66 miles of shoreline, 376 acres of public parks, and 5+ miles of trails, the Town is a major tourist destination, with the population often doubling on weekends. To address this need, the Town applied for a grant with the North Central Texas Council of Government and has been awarded said grant. This interlocal agreement will allow the Town to receive the grant and move forward with the project described below.

Currently, Parks staff use multiple vehicles (golf carts, utility vehicles, etc.,) to empty dozens of trash bins at our parks, trails, athletic fields, boat ramps, and the lakefront. The bins are often over-full, which leads to chronic litter. Without sufficient capacity to haul all the trash at once, staff make multiple trips between the bins and Little Elm Park to throw the bags into our three open-top roll-off dumpsters, often leaking and bulging bags that are difficult to hoist over the top. Rain pours straight through the open-top dumpsters, washing waste and solids into the stormwater system, or blowing trash off the top and into the lake. Additionally, the dumpsters are open for view to the public, often overflowing and unsightly.

This current system is inefficient, cumbersome, unsanitary, and aesthetically unpleasing. The project goal is to expand our current waste management program to address trash collection and litter problem with the following scope of work and projected benefits: 1) 15 trash bins placed strategically to combat chronic park and lake litter (improving aesthetics and water quality); 2) one trash trailer to haul trash from bins to trash compactors to reduce fuel use and GHGs from multiple vehicles and streamline pick-up from parks (improving air quality/improving staff efficiency); and 3) 20 educational signs encouraging proper disposal of trash (supporting social responsibility). The equipment will be used 100% for solid waste activities.
There is no budget impact for this item.
Staff recommends approval.
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