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Meeting Date: 01/06/2022  
Submitted By: Brian Salvesen, Development Services

Agenda Item
PUBLIC HEARING/ Hardwicke Food Truck Park (PD-21-06182). Public hearing, discussion, and take action on a recommendation regarding a request to rezone approximately 3.23 acres of land, currently zoned as Lakefront District and Single Family A1, generally located at on the south side of Eldorado Parkway, approximately 200 feet east of Hardwicke Lane, within Little Elm’s town limits, in order to establish a new Planned Development district based on the Lakefront District requirements with allowance for additional uses, to allow outdoor temporary outdoor activities on site. 
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  • Discussion and Recommendation
Generally located at on the south side of Eldorado Parkway, approximately 200 feet east of Hardwicke Lane, within Little Elm’s Town limits.
Planning Analysis
Background. Subject Property consists of three lots totaling 3.23 acres, zoned as Lakefront District (LF). The majority of the property is currently developed as a parking lot, which is shared by the adjacent shared use commercial kitchen, On the Fly, directly to the west. The property also contains green open space along the southern border with the existing residential neighborhood, Single Family (A1), currently being utilized for occasional outdoor events associated with the commercial kitchen food truck operations. The other two lots within the subject area contain a Water Pump Station, on the northeast corner, which is not being proposed for any changes, and undeveloped land which previously housed a single family home, and is being proposed to be incorporated into this PD as a continuation to the existing open green space.

The Town of Little Elm Economic Development Corporation (EDC) owns the subject property and has long term visions to utilize the property as part of a larger redevelopment opportunity sometime in the future. While the details of the long term plans are being realized, EDC would like to utilize the proper to temporarily host a food truck park and various outdoor events for the local community. Because of the specific and temporary use nature, such action requires zoning the property to a Planned Development (PD) district, based on the existing Lakefront District (LF) with the added temporary uses allowed as-of-right. 

Proposal. The Town of Little Elm Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is requesting to establish a new Planned Development (PD) district in order to allow temporary outdoor activities with accessory facilities on the site. These uses are intended to be an initial phase of low impact development until a future development opportunity moves forward.

The applicant is requesting the following additional uses to be permitted by right: 
  • Farmers Market
  • Commercial Amusement, Outdoor
  • Outdoor Events
  • Food Truck Park
The applicant is requesting the following additional accessory uses to be permitted by right:
  • Patios, covered and/or enclosed
  • Patios, flatwork (concrete or pavers)
  • Portable bar
  • Picnic tables
  • Temporary lighting
  • Temporary portable restrooms
The proposed outdoor activities will follow the requirements set forth in the Food Truck Ordinance with regard to hours and operation, and events including music or live entertainment will still require the approval of a special event permit, reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Development Standards. The permitted height and area regulations shall be in accordance with the existing Lakefront District. The Concept Plan incorporated as part of this PD demonstrates potential locations and relationships to the uses permitted under this PD, but does not apply to any future vertical development of the subject property.

Landscape. Due to the temporary nature of this proposal, landscaping requirements are not being applied at this time' however, any future vertical development will be required to go through the full zoning process and adhere to the Lakefront District standards.

Screening standards. Masonry and/or wrought-iron fencing will be provided along Hardwicke Lane and around the entry drive from Hardwicke Lane up to 100 feet at a minimum. The existing board on board fence with stone columns will be extended along the entirety of the property's adjacency with the residential neighborhood.

Comprehensive Plan. The Town's Comprehensive Plan identifies this area as part of the envisioned Lakefront District, providing the cultural and civic center for the community through enhanced pedestrian friendly atmosphere and lakeside community character. The proposed temporary use of the site activates the street scape to provide a more inviting and engaging outdoor pedestrian experience mirroring the intent of the district. 

The item was first heard on December 2, 2021, at the Regular Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, the commission voted to table the item until the December 16, 2021, Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting so that staff may work out more details of the PD with the applicant. On December 16, 2021, the Planning and Zoning Commission tabled this item again, until January 6, 2022, in order to allow Staff and the applicant additional time to revise the request to more clearly identify the uses and structures being requested. Through followup discussions it became clear that the best solution for the applicant and the adjacent residential neighborhood would be to simply rezone the currently vacant Single Family A1 lot to Lakefront District, which aligns with the Town's Future Land Use Plan for this property. The new request will be submitted and processed separately, therefore, at this time, the applicant has requested to withdraw the current request.
Recommended Action
Staff requests approval of applicant's request to withdraw the item. The Applicant will resubmit a separate request at a later time.
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