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Meeting Date: 09/19/2019  
Prepared By: Robert Powers, Finance Director

Discuss and consider action on an Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 18-057-00 which adopted the Annual Budget of the City of Leander, Texas for Fiscal Year 2019.
This budget amendment provides for necessary adjustments to appropriate funds for a number of projects previously approved by City Council action as well as for certain unanticipated expenses.  The changes in the General Fund amount to Eight Hundred Seventy-Five Thousand ($875,000.00) Dollars relate primarily to development-related costs (third-party inspection services and processing fees for credit card payments for permits);  legal fees and litigation; solid waste payments to Clawson Disposal due to growth in customer accounts; increased property and liability insurance rates due to growth; and contingency for possible Golf Course subsidy.

In the Utility Fund, the transfer to debt service is increased by Three Hundred Thirty-Five Thousand Five Hundred Twenty-Four ($335,524.00) Dollars due to a revised allocation between the General Fund and the Utility Fund associated with the 2018 Refunding Bonds.  The General Fund's debt service was lowered by the same amount as the Utility Fund increased.

Several of the capital project funds are amended due to projects in the prior year being carried over and completed in FY 2019.  Also, after the budget was adopted, a separate fund was created to account for the Fifteen Million ($15,000,000.00) Dollars City Improvements in the Northline Project (Fund 57).  The funding for Fire Station No. 5 is in Fund 56.  A new fund was created for the St. Davids Medical Complex Grant (Fund 380) after the budget was adopted.

The TIRZ Fund (Fund 79) and the Leander Development Authority Fund (Fund 96) are revised similarly by an increase of Three Hundred Thousand ($300,000.00) Dollars due to an increase above the original budget of the Bryson subdivision wastewater impact fee rebates that are part of previously approved development agreement.
Staff recommends approval of Ordinance amending Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Budget.
Robert G. Powers, Finance Director
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