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Meeting Date: 09/19/2019  
Prepared By: Robert Powers, Finance Director

Conduct a Public Hearing to consider proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2020. 
  • Discuss and consider action on an Ordinance adopting a budget for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2019 and ending September 30, 2020; appropriating the various amounts thereof, and repealing all Ordinances or parts of Ordinances in conflict therewith; and providing for an effective date.
After the public hearing on the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2020, the City Council can adopt the proposed budget, with or without amendments.  State law requires that a budget be adopted before the governing body can set the tax rate.  State law also requires that adoption of a budget that raises more revenue from property taxes than in the previous year will first require a separate vote of the governing body to ratify the property tax increase reflected in the budget.  The increase in property tax revenue is Three Million Seven Hundred Ninety-One thousand Five Hundred ($3,791,500.00) Dollars or 13.1%, and of that amount, Two Million Seven Hundred Two Thousand Seven Hundred One ($2,702,701.00) Dollars, or 71.3% is tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year.

The proposed budget is based upon a tax rate reduction of one cent from the current 55.1867 cents per $100 to 54.1867 cents.  The budget includes twenty-four (24) new positions, twenty (20) in the General Fund and four (4) in the Utility Fund.  We anticipate ending the current fiscal year 2019, with a surplus above our Charter-required minimum by One Million Five Hundred Thousand ($1,500,000.00) Dollars.  This surplus is recommended, similar to previous budgets, to be used for funding capital improvement projects.  In the Utility Fund, we are proposing the second year of a One ($1.00) Dollar decrease in the water reserve charge from Four ($4.00) Dollars per living unit equivalent (L.U.E.) to Three ($3.00) Dollars. 

Maintenance & Operations                      $0.319867
Debt Service                                            $0.222000
Combined Total Recommended              $0.541867            per $100 valuation
Motion #1 – move to ratify the property tax increase reflected in the proposed budget. 

Motion #2 – move to approve the proposed budget for FY 2020.
Robert G. Powers, Finance Director
1. Budget Ordinance
2. Proposed Budget Overview


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