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Meeting Date: 08/15/2019  
Prepared By: Robin Griffin, Planning Director

Discuss and consider action on the Second Reading of Ordinance Case 19-OR-008 to amend the Composite Zoning Ordinance to update the submittal options associated with Planned Unit Developments (PUD); site development submittal procedures, application requirements, and review processes; modify the definitions; modify screening requirements associated with public school properties, and adjust the permitted fence height; Williamson & Travis Counties, Texas. 
This request is the final step in the zoning process.  The Texas Legislature recently passed House Bill 3167 that will take effect on September 1, 2019. This bill changes the site plan and subdivision platting process to enforce strict timelines for review and approval of projects.  Staff is proposing amendments to the ordinance to modify the site development submittal procedures, application requirements, and review processes as well as update the submittal options associated with Planned Unit Developments (PUD). 
In addition to the changes in response to the bill, staff is proposing to adjust the permitted fence height as well as the screening requirements associated with public school properties.
The ordinance amendments include:
  1. Updating the definitions section to add key terms from House Bill 3167 as well as a housekeeping amendment associated with the previous change to the Subdivision Ordinance regarding the Riparian Corridors.
  2. Modify the option to include the Concept Plan and/or Preliminary Plat with the PUD application if the applicant requests it.  The changes to the legislation provide for time lines that are not possible to meet for subdivision applications that are processed concurrently with a zoning case because the public notice process for a PUD takes longer because the notification is also placed in the newspaper and approval of the subdivision applications is dependent on zoning being granted.  However, the City may adopt and use an alternative review procedure that allows the subdivision and zoning applications to be concurrently if the applicant requests the alternative review procedure.
  3. Increasing the permitted fence height from six (6') feet to eight (8') feet.  The current ordinance allows for a maximum fence height of six (6') feet.  Staff has received a large number of requests for taller fencing from residential and commercial property owners.  The change would allow for the increased fence height.  The building department requirements do require a building permit for fences that are greater than six (6') feet in height.
  4. Updating the submittal requirements for site development permits.  These changes include providing the cut off time, adoption of a Submittal Schedule.
  5. Modify the screening requirements to respond to security concerns associated with LISD properties.
City of Leander
Staff recommends approval of the proposed amendments to the Composite Zoning Ordinance.  The Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval at the August 9, 2019 meeting.
Robin M. Griffin, AICP, Planning Director
1. Proposed Amendments
2. Proposed Ordinance
3. P&Z Draft Minutes


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