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Meeting Date: 08/15/2019  
Prepared By: Debbie Haile, Administrative Assistant

Discuss and consider action on the Leander Public Library Programming Policy. (Sponsor Councilmember Sederquist)
The city's review of existing library policies and procedures consist of an evaluation of many aspects of Leander Public Library operations currently managed by the city's contracted partner, Library Systems & Services, LLC. By contract, the city is responsible for setting all policies that govern the operations of the library.

Programming Policy
Responsibility for library programming rests with the Library Director who then delegates program management to subordinate library staff. Programs are usually planned and promoted three (3) to twelve (12) months in advance.

Staff is presenting for Council consideration a library programming policy that describes library programming responsibility, citizen program proposals, and programs conducted by outside resources.

NOTE: The proposed Programming Policy is presented as a new document, rather than an update to a previous policy.
Staff recommends approval of the proposed Programming Policy as presented.
Mark Tummons, Director of Parks and Recreation
1. Proposed Programming Policy
2. Proposed Instructor Agreement
3. Background Check Format
4. Proposed Citizen Program Proposal Form


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