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Meeting Date: 03/15/2021  
Submitted By: Kim Albarian, Community Services Manager


That the City Council approve and authorize the City Manager to execute a lease agreement with the La Habra Host Lions Club for the use of the City-owned Veteran's Hall, located at 209 North Orange Street for a period of one year from March 15, 2021 through March 14, 2022, with the option of five additional one-year renewals.
The La Habra Host Lions Club (Club), established in 1947, is a service organization that supports the local community through various programs and projects, and partners with the City on a number of high-profile community events throughout the year.  The Club recently approached the City about utilizing Veterans Memorial Hall as a meeting place for their regular Tuesday night meetings, as well as for meetings of their Leos Club (high school volunteers), which occurs twice a month.

Staff prepared the attached proposed lease agreement that, if approved by City Council, would allow the Club to use Veterans Memorial Hall, located at 209 North Orange Street, for their weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Pursuant to the proposed agreement, the Leos Club would also be allowed to use the building every other Monday for one-hour meetings.  The term of the agreement is for one-year, with five additional one-year renewals that, similar to other non-profit leases of City facilities, would be administratively approved unless denied by a four-fifths vote of the City Council. The agreement includes a proposed negotiated rate that takes into consideration in-kind services provided by the Club's members throughout the year in support of City of La Habra programs and special events in-lieu of a full rental rate.
  Non Profit Rate
Hourly Rate  $               50.00
Regular weekday rate (4 hrs avg/week):   $            200.00
Proposed Use: Lions/Leos Weekly
Weeks a year: 48
Total Annual Rental Rate:  $               9,600
Proposed rate in-lieu of full rental rate:  
Service Project Value
Easter support for Recreation Volunteers/Staff  $                  500
Love La Habra (2 events)  $               1,600
Veteran's Day (300 meals)  $               2,700
Historical Museum Docents  $               4,800
Other Events as needed Unknown
TOTAL PROJECTS  $               9,600
TOTAL RENTAL RATE  $               9,600
The Club will be responsible for cleaning the facility after each meeting, including placing all trash in receptacles, and must close and lock all windows and doors.  Further, the Club is required to report any damage to the building or property to the Community Services Department and will also be responsible for partial payment of the building's electricity costs, not to exceed fifteen percent of the total monthly bill, and/or as mutually negotiated by both parties.  The Club will be required to meet the City's required insurance limits, with the City named as additionally insured, at all times.

Any additional requests regarding use of the facility must be first submitted in writing to the Director of Community Services.  No other use is permitted without the City's prior written consent and without an approved negotiated rental rate or in-lieu community services support to the City.  The Club must also comply with all laws and health guidelines affecting their use of Veterans Memorial Hall.
In exchange for a non-profit facility rental fee, the new lease will require the La Habra Host Lions Club to provide in-lieu community service support for City of La Habra programs and special events at a value of no less than $9,600 a year.
LU 17.1 Adequate Community - Supporting Uses
LU 17.4 Coordination with Non-City Public Service Providers
1. Lions Club Lease Agreement
LH Lions Insurance Certificate


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