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Meeting Date: 01/19/2021  
Submitted By: Catherine Villanueva, Child Development Manager


That the City Council approve and authorize the City Manager to execute Restricted Project Grant Agreement No. 202107 with St. Jude Hospital for $87,000 to retain a grant writer to apply for early childhood grants, play equipment, consultant services, purchase of a walk-in freezer for Community Resources Care Center (CRCC), and graphics design services for the City's Whittier Boulevard preschool site.
City staff and representatives from St. Jude Hospital have met to identify several grant opportunities that can be used to enhance the programs and services provided by the City so that its residents enjoy access to healthier lifestyles through exercise, education, and access to healthy food to help reduce and prevent obesity within the community.  Discussions have centered on strategies that emphasize exercise and nutritional education, particularly among children, as well as the development of community gardens to grow healthy food.

If approved by Council, the proposed agreement provides:
  • $15,000 to retain a grant writing consultant to identify and apply for early childhood education grants;
  • $50,000 to purchase early childhood play equipment for the City's Whittier preschool site;
  • $6,000 to contract with Dr. Andres Bustamante to conduct an assessment and consultation to strengthen the early childhood learning environment;
  • $13,000 to purchase a walk-in freezer for the CRCC non-profit; and,
  • $3,000 for graphics design to enhance the outdoor learning environment at the Whittier preschool.

Additionally, if approved, the City will allocate $3,000 of available unencumbered Child Care funds to purchase banners to advertise health and wellness messages in La Habra.
The approval of this agreement will not impact the General Fund.  If approved, St. Jude Hospital will provide the $87,000 in grant funding to the City.  Additionally, the City will use $3,000 from available unencumbered Child Care funds to purchase banners.
ED 7.1 Adult Health and Lifestyle Enrichment Programs
ED 7.2 Child Health and Lifestyle Enrichment Programs
ED 7.7 Childhood Nutrition
ED 7.8 Resident Nutrition
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