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City Council Meeting
Regular Session

August 13, 2019
5:00 P.M.

1.   Call The Meeting To Order - Mayor Jeff Gore
2.   Invocation - Pastor Randy Griffith Of The Free Methodist Church At 6875 Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, Ohio
3.   Pledge Of Allegiance
4.   Roll Call
5.   Approval Of Minutes
A.   City Council Meeting Minutes - July 8, 2019
6.   Special Presentations/Announcements
A.   2019 City Of Huber Heights Employee Of The First Quarter Presentation To Mr. Corey Gebhart, Firefighter/Paramedic - Mr. Rob Schommer, City Manager
7.   Citizens Comments
8.   Citizens Registered to Speak on Agenda Items
9.   City Manager Report
10.   Pending Business
A.   An Ordinance Adopting And Enacting A Republished City Code For The City Of Huber Heights, Ohio; Providing For The Repeal Of Certain Ordinances Not Included Therein; Providing A Penalty For The Violation Thereof; Providing For The Manner Of Amending Such Code; And Providing When Such Code And This Ordinance Shall Become Effective.
(second reading)
B.   An Ordinance Approving The Editing And Inclusion Of Certain Ordinances And/Or Resolutions As Parts Of The Various Component Codes Of The City Code Of Huber Heights, Ohio; Providing For The Adoption And Publication Of New Matter In The Updated And Revised City Code As Supplement 1; And Repealing Ordinances And Resolutions In Conflict Therewith.
(second reading)
C.   An Ordinance To Amend The City Code Of Huber Heights, Ohio To Provide Amendments To Part Five – General Offenses Code, Sections 513.01, 513.03, 513.05, 545.10, 594.04; To Provide For Penalties; To Provide For Codification; To Provide For Severability; To Repeal Conflicting Ordinances; To Provide An Effective Date; And For Other Purposes.
(second reading)
11.   New Business
Anthony Rodgers, Clerk of Council
A.   A Motion To Appoint Larry Johnson To The Personnel Appeals Board For A Term Ending March 31, 2021.
B.   An Ordinance Adopting And Approving A Revised Public Records Policy For The City Of Huber Heights Consistent With The Ohio Public Records Law.
(first reading)
Rob Schommer, City Manager
C.   A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Continue Participation In The Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan In Conjunction With The Montgomery County Office Of Emergency Management.
(first reading)
D.   An Ordinance To Approve An Economic Development Plan And To State That The City May Hereafter Proceed With Approval Of Tax Increment Financing Incentive District, And Declaring An Emergency.
(first reading)
E.   A Resolution Generally Approving The Addition Of A New Amenity To The City’s Parks And Recreation Facilities By Constructing A Veterans Memorial To Be Located Within The Center Of Thomas Cloud Memorial Park On Brandt Pike To Include Among Other Things, Monuments, Plaques, Pathways, Landscaping, Benches, Signage And Other Necessary Appurtenances.
(first reading)
F.   An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2018-O-2357 By Making Supplemental Appropriations For Expenses Of The City Of Huber Heights, Ohio For The Period Beginning January 1, 2019 And Ending December 31, 2019.
(first reading)
G.   An Ordinance Approving Individual Assessments Amounts And Directing The Finance Director Or His/Her Designee To Certify The Amounts To The Applicable County Auditor For Collection, And Declaring An Emergency.
(first reading)
H.   A Resolution Authorizing And Directing The City Manager To Execute An Agreement With The Ohio Attorney General’s Office Relative To The Collection Of Delinquent Tax Debt Owed To The City Of Huber Heights.
(first reading)
I.   A Resolution Declaring Certain City Property No Longer Needed For Municipal Purposes As Surplus And Authorizing Disposal Of Said Surplus Property.
(first reading)
J.   An Ordinance To Levy Special Assessments For The Repair And Reconstruction Of Sidewalks, Curbs And Gutters, Driveway Approaches, And Appurtenances Thereto On Parts Or All Of Certain Streets In The City Of Huber Heights Referred To As The 2019 Sidewalk Program, And Declaring An Emergency.
(first reading)
K.   A Resolution Declaring The Necessity Of Repairing Sidewalks, Curbs, Gutters, Driveway Approaches And Appurtenances Thereto On Portions Or All Of Certain Streets In The 2020 Sidewalk Program, Providing That Abutting Owners Repair The Same.
(first reading)
L.   A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Enter Into A Contract For Municipal Bridge Inspection Services.
(first reading)
A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Prepare And Submit An Application To Participate In The Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement And/Or Local Transportation Improvement Program(s) And To Execute Contracts As Required For The Bellefontaine Road Widening And Culvert Replacement Project.
(first reading)
A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Enter Into Contract For The Harshmanville Road Area Water Main Replacement Project.
(first reading)
O.   A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Enter Into A Contract With Durst Brothers Excavating To Repair A Sanitary Sewer Force Main On Powell Road And Waiving The Competitive Bidding Requirements.
(first reading)
12.   City Official Reports and Comments
13.   Executive Session
14.   Adjournment

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