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City Council Meeting
Regular Session

August 27, 2018
7:00 P.M.

1.   Call The Meeting To Order - Mayor Jeff Gore
2.   Invocation - Pastor Bob Foote Of The Grace Community Church Of Huber Heights At 5001 Fishburg Road, Huber Heights, Ohio
3.   Pledge Of Allegiance
4.   Roll Call
5.   Approval Of Minutes
A.   City Council Meeting Minutes - August 13, 2018
6.   Special Presentations/Announcements
A.   Montgomery County Treasurer Presentation - Ms. Carolyn Rice, Montgomery County Treasurer
7.   Citizens Comments
8.   Citizens Registered to Speak on Agenda Items
9.   City Manager Report
10.   Pending Business
11.   New Business
Anthony Rodgers, Clerk of Council
A.   A Public Hearing Scheduled For August 27, 2018 By The Huber Heights City Council For Zoning Case 18-29.  The Applicant Is Hollis Towing.  The Applicant Is Requesting Approval Of A Rezoning From I-1 (Light Industrial) To PI (Planned Industrial) For Property Located At 6030 Executive Boulevard For Use As A Towing Business And Impound Lot.
Rob Schommer, City Manager
B.   An Ordinance To Approve A Rezoning From I-1 (Light Industrial) To PI (Planned Industrial) For Property Consisting Of 0.67 Acres And Located At 6030 Executive Boulevard And Further Identified As Parcel ID Number P70-04002-0041 On The Montgomery County Auditor’s Tax Map (Zoning Case 18-29), And Declaring An Emergency.
(first reading)
C.   An Ordinance Increasing The Water Rates In Section 934.02 Of The Codified Ordinances Of Huber Heights, Ohio For Calendar Years 2019 And 2020 And Providing An Annual Adjustment To The Rates Thereafter.
(first reading)
D.   An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2017-O-2301 By Making Supplemental Appropriations For Expenses Of The City Of Huber Heights, Ohio For The Period Beginning January 1, 2018 And Ending December 31, 2018.
(first reading)
E.   A Motion To Direct The City Manager To Initiate An Application For Proposed Text Amendments To The Planning And Zoning Code Regarding Pre-Sale Inspections To The Planning Commission.
F.   A Resolution Declaring Certain City Property In The Fire Division No Longer Needed For Municipal Purposes As Surplus And Authorizing Disposal Of Said Surplus Property.
(first reading)
G.   A Resolution Setting Forth The Intent To Appropriate Certain Land Adjacent To The City Well Field For A Public Purpose.
(first reading)
H.   An Ordinance Directing The Appropriation Of Real Property For A Public Well Field And Authorizing The Law Director To Take Action To Appropriate The Property.
(first reading)
I.   A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Solicit, Advertise And Receive Proposals From Qualified Firms To Provide Materials And Perform Services Related To The Preservation Of Asphalt At Various Locations Within The City And Awarding To The Lowest And Best Response.
(first reading)
12.   City Official Reports and Comments
13.   Executive Session
14.   Adjournment

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