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City Council Meeting
Regular Session

June 11, 2018
7:00 P.M.

1.   Call The Meeting To Order - Mayor Jeff Gore
2.   Invocation - Pastor Randy Griffith Of The Free Methodist Church At 6875 Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, Ohio
3.   Pledge Of Allegiance
4.   Roll Call
5.   Approval Of Minutes
A.   City Council Meeting Minutes - May 14, 2018
6.   Special Presentations/Announcements
New Hire Swearing In Presentation For Huber Heights Fire Division Personnel - Fire Chief Mark Ashworth And Mayor Jeff Gore
B.   Mayoral Proclamation And Presentation In Memoriam Of Mr. Jack Brankamp To Mrs. Sandy Brankamp - Mayor Jeff Gore
7.   Citizens Comments
8.   Citizens Registered to Speak on Agenda Items
9.   City Manager Report
10.   Pending Business
A.   An Ordinance To Approve A Rezoning From R-2 (Residence District) To PI (Planned Industrial) For Property Consisting Of 5.2646 Acres And Located At 4359 Taylorsville Road, And Further Identified As Part Of Parcel ID Number P70-04009-0075 On The Montgomery County Auditor’s Tax Map (Zoning Case 18-09).
(second reading)
B.   A Resolution Adopting The City Of Huber Heights Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan For 2019-2023.
(second reading)
C.   An Ordinance To Approve An Amendment To Section 921 Of The City Code Of The City Of Huber Heights (Streets And Public Services Code).
(second reading)
D.   An Ordinance Amending Certain Sections Of Part Fifteen, “Fire Prevention Code” Of The Huber Heights Codified Ordinances.
(second reading)
11.   New Business
Anthony Rodgers, Clerk of Council
A.   A Motion To Reappoint Jennifer Bierley And Lee Cromer To The Arts And Beautification Commission To A Term Expiring June 30, 2021.
B.   A Motion To Appoint Vicki Dix To The Parks And Recreation Board To A Term Expiring March 31, 2019.
C.   A Motion To Appoint Robert Deam To The Board Of Zoning Appeals To A Term Expiring January 31, 2020 And To Appoint Daniel Yoe To The Board Of Zoning Appeals To A Term Expiring January 31, 2023.
D.   A Public Hearing Scheduled For June 11, 2018 By The Huber Heights City Council For Discussion Of The 2019 Tax Budget.
Rob Schommer, City Manager
E.   A Resolution Adopting A Preliminary Tax Budget For Revenues Of The City Of Huber Heights, Ohio For The Period Beginning January 1, 2019 And Ending December 31, 2019.
(first reading)
F.   An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2017-O-2301 By Making Supplemental Appropriations For Expenses Of The City Of Huber Heights, Ohio For The Period Beginning January 1, 2018 And Ending December 31, 2018.
(first reading)
G.   A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Enter Into An Agreement With Industrial Communication And Sound (ICS) To Design, Procure, Install And/Or Provide Related Services For The Audio And Video Equipment Upgrades To The Council Chambers In The City Hall Building.
(first reading)
A Resolution Imposing A Temporary Moratorium On The Acceptance, Consideration And/Or Granting Of Any Applications For Zoning, Occupancy, Or Other Permits Relating To Unlicensed Massage Operations Within The City Of Huber Heights.
(first reading)
I.   A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Apply For And Accept Grant Funds From The Bureau Of Justice Assistance Bulletproof Vest Partnership For The Purpose Of Purchasing Replacement Protective Body Armor.
(first reading)
J.   A Resolution To Authorize The City Manager To Negotiate And Enter Into An Amendment To The License Agreement For Tower Space At The Needmore Road Radio Tower With Southwestern Ohio Public Radio, Inc.
(first reading)
K.   An Ordinance Adding Section 175.05 To The Codified Ordinances Of The City Of Huber Heights To Establish Additional Alternate Assessment Procedures For Utility Connection Charges And Deferred/Waived Special Assessments, And Declaring An Emergency.
(first reading)
12.   City Official Reports and Comments
13.   Executive Session
14.   Adjournment

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