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City Manager  
Meeting Date: 06/11/2018  
Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan - 2019-2023
Submitted By: Rob Schommer
Department: City Manager  
Council Committee Review?: Council Work Session
Date(s) of Committee Review: 05/08/2018
Audio-Visual Needs: None
Emergency Legislation?: No
Resolution No.:
Passed to 3rd Reading

Agenda Item Description or Legislation Title
A Resolution Adopting The City Of Huber Heights Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan For 2019-2023.
(second reading)
Purpose and Background
The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) process exists to provide a standard procedure to identify, evaluate and prioritize the current and future capital needs of the City.  The CIP process helps provide a standard process and method of proposing the planning and financing of capital improvements, and makes capital expenditures more responsible to community needs by informing and involving the public.

The CIP is a five-year outlook for anticipated capital projects and is reviewed and updated annually by the City. These projects are primarily related to improvements in transportation, parks, utilities, major equipment and facilities.

In developing the Five-Year CIP, several elements are taken into consideration: City Council goals, grant funding opportunities, economic development opportunities, technology improvements, maintenance and improvements to utilities and infrastructure, and maintenance/rehabilitation of existing City facilities and equipment.

As the CIP process develops, the intention is to prioritize projects according to criteria established in the City's goals.  The CIP process should also create a more justified and understandable decision-making process, thus linking capital investments and the City's long-term vision and goals.

The 2019-2023 proposed CIP process is developed in support of the City's 2019 Budget with emphasis placed on the City's fiscal health, safety of the public and employees, and advancing the economic growth and stability of the community.  The overall goals of the CIP includes:

  * Provide a list and outline of the major capital improvement projects the City is considering
  * Outline a process for establishing priorities and implementation of CIP projects
  * Provide a five-year spending plan to outline funding of the CIP projects

Through the creation and administration of the 5-Year CIP, it brings out discussions on the state of the City's infrastructure and finances. Final approval of the plan establishes understanding and consensus within the City's leadership on priorities to be pursued in the coming years related to capital programs.

The 5-Year CIP is not a budget, and approval of the plan does not commit funding for any specific capital project or purchase. This plan provides an outline of the City's overall capital investment needs and provides a set of recommendations to aid in annual decision making on capital purchase projects. The 5-Year CIP provides as a linking tool between vision, goals and implementation for City Council and the administration. The CIP process and approving the plan affords an opportunity for accountability and transparency for the entire community. 

Fiscal Impact
Source of Funds: TBD
Cost: TBD
Recurring Cost? (Yes/No): Yes
Funds Available in Current Budget? (Yes/No): TBD
Financial Implications:
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