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Council Work Session


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Meeting Date: 05/07/2019  
County Assessments Authorization
Submitted By: Jim Bell
Department: Finance Division: Accounting
Council Committee Review?: Council Work Session
Date(s) of Committee Review: 05/07/2019
Audio-Visual Needs: None
Emergency Legislation?: Yes
Resolution No.:

Agenda Item Description or Legislation Title
County Assessments Authorization
Purpose and Background
Montgomery County recently began requiring all communities to pass separate legislation for assessments that are to be added to the tax duplicate. Previously, the County had accepted a letter and attachment specifying the property identification number and type and amount of assessment based on the original assessment ordinance. As a result of this new procedure, before the City can assess property for such things as grass/weed charges, property maintenance abatement, unpaid water and sewer, etc. the City must pass legislation specifically identifying the property, and the amount of the assessment.  Rather than pass a separate ordinance for every assessment, it is the City’s hope that the County will accept legislation in the attached form. The intent is to use the base ordinance as a form with Exhibit A being the only item that changes.  If this approach is accepted by the County, it is likely that this type of Ordinance will need to be passed at least once a month. To date, there has been no written guidance from the County.  In order to get back on track with assessments, City Staff are asking that this item be passed as an emergency.

Fiscal Impact
Source of Funds: N/A
Cost: N/A
Recurring Cost? (Yes/No): N/A
Funds Available in Current Budget? (Yes/No): N/A
Financial Implications:
Exhibit A


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